How do I care about my body daily

1 regular exercise

How do I care about my body daily – ” Contents1 Regular exercise2 Take care of the skin3 take care of the hair4 referencesRegular exerciseThe health of the body can be taken care of by doing regular exercise; It helps to control weight, strengthen bones and muscles and improve mood and overall mental health, and moderate density exercise can be practiced, such as: brisk walking which is safe for most people according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in In addition, the ability to do moderate aerobic density exercise for at least 150 minutes per week. [1]Take care of the skinFollow a daily routineThe skin can be taken care of by following a daily routine system, regardless of the type of skin, the daily routine can help maintain its overall health and improve the damage, including acne, scars and dark spots, and this can be done through the following: [2]Cleaning the skin: The skin should be cleaned daily by choosing the right cleanser for it, taking into account the choice of a type that does not squeeze the skin and will only apply it once or twice at most.Moisturizing the skin: the skin should be moisturized appropriately and daily; In order to maintain it, for example, a light moisturizer based o

2 Take care of the skin

n gels for oily skin should be used, and the pores are not closed, and cream-based moisturizers can be used for dry skin.Use of sunscreenThe skin can be kept during the day by using a sunscreen that contains at least 30 SPF factors, and it should be applied before fifteen minutes of the date of leaving the house, and the dark skin should be more protection from the sun; Indeed, it is difficult to correct the excessive pigmentation of the skin. [2]Eat a healthy dietEating a healthy diet helps to improve the appearance of the skin and increase its freshness; Therefore, it is necessary to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free proteins, in addition to the importance of drinking large amounts of water; To keep the moisture of the skin. [3]Some research has indicated that a healthy diet rich in fish oil, fish oil supplements, reduced the amounts consumed of unhealthy fats, repeated carbohydrates or equipped can help improve the vitality of the skin, reduce the percentage of wrinkles and appear younger. [3]Taking care of the hairRinseThe hair can be taken care of by washing it well, and the number of times to wash the hair depends on its type, and the amount of oil pr

3 caring for hair

oduced by the scalp, where oily hair should be washed more than other types, but if the hair is chemically treated, it is better to wash it less regularly; Because the hair may be dry. [4]Hair cutThe hair cut regularly helps to further ensure its growth and get rid of damaged and broken ends; Therefore, the hair should be cut at least once every six months; To maintain its health, while avoiding cutting the damaged ends completely damaging the hair. [4]WaterThe temperature of the water used to wash the hair affects it and its quality can be determined; Therefore, the hair should be washed with lukewarm water and avoid washing it with very cold water, or very hot even in winter; Because they harm and damage the hair follicles, as many hair experts are advised to wash the hair with tea water; To give the hair the desired shine and softness. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I care about my body daily

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