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How do I care about my face skin – ” Contents1 skin care2 Attention to the skin of the face is packed3 natural recipes for facial skin4 referencesSkin careSkin care can be done by following a healthy routine that contains many natural methods that improve the health of the skin, away from the use of skin care products available in the markets, which contain harmful and toxic chemicals, and they are materially expensive, and have harmful side effects; As it affects the skin in the long term, and it should be noted that there are many women who use natural skin care products that contain safe and simple substances, and in this article is to talk about it, and on the methods that must be followed; Interested in facial skin. [1]Attention is filled with facial skinThe skin needs care by cleaning it, applying natural materials on it, following a healthy and wholesome diet, getting enough sleep and other methods of facial care, and the following talks about it:[2]Washing the facial skin in moderation: cleaning the face twice a day helps; Once in the morning, and once in the evening with a cleansing of the skin type to improve the health, moisture of the skin and get rid of excessive oils.Keep the facial skin moisturized: t

2 attention to facial skin is packed

he skin should be moisturized with appropriate moisture of its type after cleansing, so that it contains protection against sunlight; To protect the skin from dryness.Avoid bathing in hot water: showering in hot water is exposed to many problems and dehydration; Because it causes the elimination of all skin oils, so it is necessary to replace the hot water with lukewarm water; To protect the skin from dryness and maintain natural oils in it.Exfoliation of the skin of moderation: peeling helps to remove dead cells, impurities from the skin and produce new smooth skin cells, using a gentle peel once a week.Remove makeup before going to sleep: makeup can be applied to facial skin in moderation, but it should be removed before going to sleep; to protect the skin pores from blockage.Eat enough water: drinking water from 6 to 8 cups helps to get rid of skin problems: such as: acne, because it helps to improve the health of the skin, its moisture, protect it from dryness and make the skin bright and shiny .Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: vegetables and fruits contain a high percentage of antioxidants and useful vitamins, and effective for a healthy skin and radiation.Avoid eating con

3 natural recipes for facial skin

venience foods: convenience foods that contain repeated carbohydrates, unhealthy fats are caused by the skin envelope and the appearance of early signs of aging on them.Get enough sleep: get enough sleep at night 7 to 9 hours, helps to improve the health of the skin, protect it from aging signs, prevent the appearance of dark circles, bloating under the eye and get a bright skin.Avoid tension and stress: the effects of tension, stress and coolness and lead to the emergence of multiple skin problems; Therefore, it is necessary to try to reduce tension and stress, through breathing exercises and reflection; To have a beautiful and healthy skin.Practice exercise: it is recommended to continue to exercise every week for a few hours; To improve blood flow in the skin, provide it with nutrition, oxygen and pore toxicity.Stay away from smoking: smoking causes problems that harm health and skin, as it damages collagen and elastin in the skin, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, because it prevents the flow of oxygen and nutrition for the skin.Natural recipes for facial skinSimple natural recipes at home help to improve the health of the skin, provide nourishment, moisturize it and s

olve its problems, and natural recipes are characterized by their small cost, and guaranteed results, including:[3]My darlingHoney is one of the natural ingredients that improve the health, hydration and glow of the skin, and the method is: [3]Poor: a teaspoon of raw honey.How to prepare:Honey is placed on the skin of the face, and it is amazed.The honey is left on the skin for 10 minutes.The honey is washed off the skin.The recipe is repeated daily.Oat recipeOatmeal is used for skin containing acne; It helps to get rid of excessive oils from the skin, calms down and extracts skin, and the method is:[2]ingredients:Five tablespoons of oatmeal on the ground.An appropriate amount of water or to prepare:Mix the oats with water or milk; To obtain a paste.The paste is placed on the skin of the face and rubbed with the tips of the fingers in the form of circular movements.Right the paste on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the face with warm water and dry with a soft towel.YogurtYogurt contains lactic acid, which is considered a gentle scrub for the skin, which helps to whiten the skin and make it vibrant, active, moist and the method is:[2]ingredients:Two tablespoons of yogurt in fu

ll mass.One teaspoon to two tablespoons of to prepare:The ingredients are mixed well.The mixture is placed on the skin of the face, and it is left for 20 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water.Note: It is recommended to add lemon juice to the recipe if you want to whiten the skin or reduce acne.Fig recipeFig helps to get rid of all the poison on the skin; This makes it healthy, shiny and illuminated, but it must ensure that the Figs match the skin type; To protect it from sensitization, irritation and path is:[3]ingredients:Two mashed figs.An appropriate amount of milk.How to prepare:Mix the mashed figs well with milk.The mixture is placed on the skin of the face and rubbed with a minute to two minutes.Wash the face with water.The recipe is repeated regularly; to get the best results.Milk recipeMilk contains natural substances that help to moisturize the facial skin and provide it with proper nourishment; It is to get a smooth skinless skin, and the method is:[3]Poices: An appropriate amount of milk in fats.How to prepare:An appropriate amount of milk is placed on the skin of the face.The recipe is repeated twice a day and it is recommended to be applied regularly.Rec

ipe for aloe veraAloe vera helps to replenish the skin cells, moisturize them, make them bright, shiny, especially the skin that lacks nourishment, and the method is:[3]Parts: an aloe vera leaf.How to prepare:Aloe vera is extracted from the paper of the cabinet, and it is well muddled.The mashed potato is placed on the skin of the face, and it is amazed.The hormones are left on the skin for 10 minutes.Wash the face with cold water and dry.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I care about my face skin

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