How do I care about my skin and my body

1 attention to the skin

How do I care about my skin and my body – ” Contents1 Attention to the skin2 Attention to health3 referencesPay attention to the skinSkin types differ, some of which are dry, some of which are oily, and some of them are mixed, and some of which suffer from specific types of health problems, so it is necessary to first determine the type of skin to know the appropriate treatment or cosmetics; In order not to aggravate the skin problems they suffer from, such as young or dryness, but the following steps can be followed very important for all skin types [1]Protect the skin from the sunMuch of the exposure to the sun leads to the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems that increase the risk of skin cancer; Therefore, a sunscreen should be used for no less than fifteen degrees once every two hours when staying in the sun for long periods while swimming, for example, and avoid standing in the sun from ten in the morning to four in the evening, in addition to the need to wear protective clothing, such as: long-sleeved shirts and hats. [2]Stop smokingSmoking narrows the blood vessels located in the outer layers of the skin, which leads to a reduction in blood flow to the skin, which reduces the percentage of nut

2 attention to health

rients, and oxygen connected to it and makes its appearance pale and affects its health, in addition to this Smoking increases the risk of infection by hellian cells; Therefore, smoking must be stopped to keep the skin healthy. [2]Treat the skin gentlyDaily cleaning or daily shaving harms the skin; Therefore, nice light steps should be followed to take care of it, such as reducing the bath with hot water or a long bathroom daily, using lukewarm water instead of hot water, using straight and light detergents, applying creamy and gels while shaving, drying the skin after the bathroom lightly and with a proper towel and using a proper daily moisturizer, especially for people with dry skin. [2]Health benefitsHealthy dietFollow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water helps to give the skin freshness and keep the skin young and moist, and one of the most important foods that help this is vegetables and fruits, foods that contain whole grains and proteins without fat ,[2] and stay away from all foods, drinks and other among the ingredients that contain toxic substances that affect the health of the body in general, such as: smoking, alcoholic beverages and drugs, as well as processed foo

ds and foods that contain high amounts of fat. [3]practice of sportsExercise, especially weightlifting, is beneficial to the health of the body, because it helps to reduce blood sugar levels and improve the level of cholesterol beneficial, and exercise in general reduces depression, and chronic diseases, such as: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and obesity, and many diseases. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I care about my skin and my body

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