How do I care about my skin in postpartum

1 Steps to take care of the skin at the time of postpartum

How do I care about my skin in postpartum – ” Contents1 steps to take care of the skin at the time of postpartum2 steps to take care of skin and stretch marks in the postpartum period3 Approval of a healthy diet4 ReferencesSteps to take care of the skin in the postpartum periodThe mother can take care of her skin after the postpartum time by applying the following steps: [1]Cleansing the face twice in the morning and evening to reduce the secretion of excess oils and reduce the appearance of acne in the skin with a gentle face wash.Moisturize the skin with facial moisturizers after washing the skin to avoid dry skin.Drink enough water at a rate of at least eight cups a day, to improve the work of the liver and restore the balance of the body.Adopt a balanced diet that includes nutritious leafy vegetables, rich in vitamins, minerals, such as watercress, turnip and spinach, which maintain the health of the skin.The use and application of natural oils on the skin such as vitamin E oil, olive oil or cocoa butter by applying it to the skin of the body to reduce many ingredients and unknowns, so as not to affect the breastfeeding of the child.Apply sunscreen on the skin before going out to get rid of pregnancy pigmentation and mel

2 Steps to take care of the skin and stretch marks in postpartum

asma.Get enough sleep to achieve overall skin health, and it is best to arrange bedtime with the child’s sleep.Steps to care for skin and stretch marks in the postpartum periodMany women suffer from the appearance of stretch marks in brown or red pink during pregnancy, and despite the possibility of treating them, it can not be completely hidden, and with the duration of the continuity of treatment, the brown or pink will disappear in the years, there are Many creams treated for expansion marks however, it does not exceed that they are moisturizing creams, and some of them do not give effective result to eliminate stretch marks, creams containing vitamins can be adopted for their ability to treat and hide stretch marks in a short the time, and it is preferable to use them after the situation with a medical consultation to get rid of pink or red, as it is not preferable to use it during pregnancy for the possibility of birth defects for the child due to trityinin, and it is preferable in the period of use of the treatment to take care and caution, such as the use of birth control pills, or the adoption of other contraceptives, but it can be used in case of breastfeeding That the cre

3 Approval of a healthy diet

am is applied, because there are many cosmetics that can be applied to the skin to hide stretch marks, but they are considered temporary solutions and can be His dependence on special occasions or times, and the laser as another solution is to get rid of the problem of stretching the skin in its early stages, but it does not hide it completely, and as a final solution, plastic surgery is available in Getting rid of stretch marks and loose skin, but it is a relatively expensive process. [2]Adopting a healthy dietAdopting a healthy diet reduces the appearance of stretch marks in a pregnant woman, in addition to drinking a sufficient amount of water, eating foods or nutritional supplements that contain vitamins A, C and E, in addition to eating foods rich in protein and Zinc, reducing caffeine intake and emergence are all important steps to avoid many skin problems. [3]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I care about my skin in postpartum

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