How do I care about my skin in Ramadan

1 skin care in the month of Ramadan

How do I care about my skin in Ramadan – ” Contents1 skin care in the month of Ramadan1.1 Moisturizing skin1.2 Nourishing the skin1.3 Exfoliation1.4 Attention in various areas of the skinSkin care in the month of RamadanThe volatile system of life in the month of Ramadan causes many problems for the skin, so that the skin becomes drier and cracks around the mouth and on the lips, while dark circles appear around the eyes, dark spots and unwanted grains, and the skin in Ramadan needs special care to maintain its health and glow, and prevent it from damage during the period of fasting, especially with the approaching Eid Al -Fitr, by attention as well:MoisturizerThe skin and skin suffers a loss of large amounts of water during fasting without being compensated, so it is important to compensate the skin for the water it has lost, drinking at least 10 cups of water from breakfast to Suhoor and using moisturizing masks for the skin during the hours of fasting, milk, honey, yogurt and other moisturizers for the skin, while maintaining the use of moisturizing skin on a daily basis.Nutrition of the skinIt is important to get good healthy nutrition for the skin during fasting, because the skin loses many vitamins and minerals to m

1.1 Moisturizing skin

aintain its health and glow, and important in the growth of new cells, in case the person fasting neglects to eat fruits , vegetables and legumes rich in minerals and vitamins during the hours of breakfast, as it will suffer from the emergence of unwanted pills on the skin if it is in the appetite to eat fatty foods and fatty sweets of Ramadan.PeelingIt is important to get rid of the dead skin on the skin, to avoid the accumulation of each other, causing dry skin and peeling, through the periodic use of facial peeling, while choosing the appropriate types of skin type, and free of small pellets that can harm the newly growing skin cells.Attention to various areas of the skinAn area around the eyes, dark circles appear under the eyes due to exposure to extreme fatigue during fasting, and the different lifestyle by staying up for long hours during the night. Daytime hours do not offer the same benefit, and the use of cosmetics to care for the eye under the eyes.Lips, lips are often exposed to cracking and blood effusion during fasting, this can be avoided by using lip moisturizer during breakfast hours and drinking large amounts of water. As for fasting hours, it can be maintained by

1.2 Feeding the skin

moisturizing the skin by running the tongue over it from one period to another.Was the article helpful?

1.3 Exfoliation

How do I care about my skin in Ramadan

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