How do I care about my skin

1 cleaning the skin

How do I care about my skin – ” Contents1 cleanse the skin2 moisturize the skin3 Sun protection4 referencesCleansing the skinIt is advisable to cleanse the skin through a regular daily routine, and this requires care to wash it twice a day, so that the individual washes the skin in the morning and does not hesitate to wash it before going to bed at night, And to get the most benefit from the cleansing process and make sure to get rid of all the dirt, or oils suspended on the skin, or makeup residue, it is advisable to follow the washing process by applying toner.MoisturizerThe importance of maintaining the moisture of the skin comes from premature cracking or fissuring, and many products and preparations that include in their composition include items that help renew the moisture of the skin; Such as two glycreen, which allows water and other components of the moisturizer to pass through the outer layer of the skin, and ceramides, which allows the skin to regenerate its natural biotules, as well as hydroxy acids that peel the skin cells and other components . [2]These moisturizers help the skin cells to function normally, and they benefit the balance up to the degree of acidity of the skin, and they maintain th

2 moisturizing the skin

eir structure, and when choosing the appropriate moisturizer, you should pay attention to the quality of the skin, as well as As pay attention to what the individual may suffer from special skin conditions, such as: acne or eczema, pink or other. [2]sun protectionThe protection of the skin from sunlight is of great importance; Due to the damage associated with exposure to sunlight exposure to the skin, it can eventually lead to exposure to skin cancer, so these changes and damage range from the closure of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles, and extending to include the appearance of benign and benign cancerous growth, and ultraviolet sunlight (English: UVB) serves as the main causes of this damage. [3]It helps to face these risks regularly to put a daily sunscreen in the sun during the peak hours that fall between ten in the morning and three in the evening, in addition to taking into account the wearing of clothing that covers the skin, such as hats and shirts with long sleeves, and similar . [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 sun protection

How do I care about my skin

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