How do I care and take care of my nails

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How do I care and take care of my nails – ” Contents1 Nail care tips2 Natural nail care methods3 referencesNail care tipsThere are many tips that should be followed for nail care, including:[1]First, it is recommended to clean the nails and the skin around it from dirt and remove the nails with the help of Acacia.Put the soap on the toothbrush and gently clean the nails and leather.Sterilization of nail care tools from bacteria as makeup brushes are cleaned and sterilized, nail tools can be cleaned with soap and soap, then sterilize them with medical alcohol.Buy a good brand name nail polish, as with makeup and skin care tools.Eat foods that contain vitamins, nutritional supplements such as biotin, vitamin E and fish oil. It is also advisable to eat foods rich in protein such as beans and nuts.Natural methods for nail careGarlicGarlic is an effective method for nail care, as it has properties that protect the nails from infection as they contain antibacterial properties and fungi, and can be used by cutting garlic cloves in half garlic cloves in a bowl to obtain a paste, then putting on the Nails for five minutes, and this method is preferred for a whole week every day to get the desired results. [2]Vitamin EVitamin E is a

2 natural methods of nail care

n essential factor for the health of the nails, as it quickly stimulates its growth, and it can be used by mixing one of the essential oils such as tea tree oil with vitamin E, then slightly heat the mixture and dip the nails in the mixture while it is hot, and it is best to keep it on the nails until the next morning. [2]Lemon and Sea SaltLemon juice and sea salt help to strengthen the nails, and it can be used by mixing a tablespoon of sea salt and fresh lemon juice with half a spoonful of warm water, then soak the nails in the mixture for 15 minutes, then wash it well with water, then prefer to put the hand moisturizer and it is advisable to repeat this process every day within two weeks to get satisfactory results.Olive oil, honey and eggsOlive oil, honey and eggs help to strengthen the nails and can be used throughout:Mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of honey.Add one egg to the mixture and mix the ingredients well.Put the nails in the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash your hands with warm water.Repeat this process twice a week for a period of two to three weeks, as the nails after this period can become stronger and more flexible, and less fragile, and this

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How do I care and take care of my nails

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