How do I clean my face from blackheads

1 Reasons for the emergence of blackheads

How do I clean my face from blackheads – ” Contents1 reasons for the emergence of blackheads2 ways to get rid of blackheads3 natural recipes to get rid of blackheadsWomen usually face many problems related to the skin, the most important of which are blackheads, so they start looking for ways and steps to find solutions to this problem, so what are the reasons that lead to their appearance and how can it be disposed of?The reasons for the emergence of blackheadsNot maintaining the cleanliness of the skin, such as keeping makeup on the face, and not getting rid of it, especially before going to bed, which leads to a gradual blockage of the pores of the skin.The presence of many secretions on the face, especially around the nose and chin.Excessive secretion of the fatty hormone in the pores of the face by the presence of small glands.Due to the presence of these fats significantly on the face, it becomes dry over time, so their ability to mix with other skin cells is greater, which leads to the blockage of these pores and the appearance of blackheads on the skin.The presence of subcutaneous secretions and due to touch the fingers of the hand, grow and become large spots, and thus spread over the entire face.Oily skin and th

2 Ways to get rid of blackheads

at contain open pores, are more likely to appear to them blackheads; Because it constitutes an environment suitable for its growth and development, in which case you should go to the skin doctor so that the situation does not exacerbate.Ways to get rid of blackheadsMake sure you clean your face and skin continuously and regularly.Drink plenty of water specifically early in the morning, in addition to eating it between meals; Because it keeps the skin moist and fresh.Make sure to apply a moisturizer under makeup; Because it nourishes the skin and protects it from external factors that can affect it.Avoid excessive use of perfumes; Because it contains a high percentage of alcohol, which in turn stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands.Use your own clean cotton towel to clean or dry your face.Natural recipes to remove blackheadsThere are many mixtures or natural recipes that can be prepared at home quickly and simple, so it helps to get rid of blackheads, the most important of which are:orange peelBring a quantity of orange peels and crush them.Add milk and cream that suits your skin type to it, to get a paste.Put the mask or mixture on your face and rub it gently for up to ten mi

3 Natural recipes for removing blackheads

nutes.Wash your face with lukewarm water.HoneyBring a quantity of white honey because of its benefits in cleaning the skin and eliminating blackheads.Put a handful on a spoon and heat it on the stove.Spread the honey on the areas full of blackheads by massaging the fingers of the hands for several minutes.Vinegar and starchMix a little vinegar and starch to make a slightly thick mixture.Place the mixture on the areas where pimples or blackheads abound and let it dry.You will notice the head as soon as your face is rubbed.Was the item useful?

How do I clean my face from blackheads

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