How do I clean my face from makeup

1 removal of makeup

How do I clean my face from makeup – ” Contents1 makeup removal2 natural recipes to remove makeupRemove makeupThis is one of the most important steps to maintain the health and freshness of the skin; Because its presence leads to an obstruction of the pores of the skin and thus the appearance of pimples and pimples, as well as furlements in addition to the presence of dark circles, especially around the eye, and this is what many girls lose, so it is advisable to Remove makeup permanently from the skin and the use of natural mixtures and recipes, and natural mixtures are the best; Because it contains important nutrients for healthy skin and helps to get rid of makeup.Natural recipes to remove makeupCoconutCoconut is used to treat the skin and moisturize the hair in addition to thickening the eyelashes, and one of its most important uses is also to remove or get rid of makeup, and this is done by using a piece of cotton, then wet it with warm water and a small amount of oil, then wipe your face with it through circular motions and if the cotton is full, replace it with another, until the makeup is completely removed.the milkIt is used by bringing a bowl, then mix a tablespoon of cold milk with a small amount of turmeri

2 Natural Recipes to remove makeup

c powder, in addition to a little lemon juice, and after mixing it well, distribute it evenly over your face and neck, and after three minutes, wash it with warm water and dry it with a clean cotton towel.OptionIt is highly recommended to use it; Because it works to clean and brighten the skin and thus get rid of makeup; Because it contains whitening elements for the face by mixing a little cucumber juice with a few drops of baby oil, then dip a piece of clean cotton in the mixture and wipe your face with it.Olive oilIt is used to remove makeup, specifically around the eye area and water resistance, and it is used by placing a greasy piece in the oil, then wipe the area with and avoid reaching the eye, and leave it for ten minutes; Because during which it can get rid of solid cosmetics such as mascara in addition to eyeliner, but make sure to remove it in a gentle and calm manner, then wash your face with warm water.LemonadeUse specifically to remove oils and dirt from the skin, mix drops of lemon juice with a tablespoon of potato juice, then spread the mixture on your face for several minutes, then wash it with water.Castor oilSo that it is used specifically to get rid of heavy ma

keup, specifically eye makeup; Because it helps mix water with skin dust as well as oils, in addition to using natural petroleum jelly to get rid of makeup as well.Was the item useful?

How do I clean my face from makeup

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