How do I clean my nails

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How do I clean my nails – ” Contents1 Nails2 How to clean nails3 Tips for maintaining nails4 referencesNailsWe use our hands all the time, so we can never do without, and although we wash them constantly, it is difficult to keep the nails clean to the same degree as the rest of the hands, so dirt, germs, etc.. But cleaning and maintaining the nails is not impossible, it requires daily attention and cleaning in a specific way to preserve its beauty and health in addition to cleanliness. [1]How to clean the nailsThere are many things that must be done to clean the nails: [2]Soak the nails: the nails should be soaked in warm water for five to ten minutes, and thus the nails will become smooth, which will facilitate the cleaning process, and as it will reduce the damage to the nails when cutting or cold.Leave the nails: using the sponge or soft fiber used in the shower, and leave the nails well, taking care to also rub the ends of the nails, and a mixture of handcuffs can also be used with a point of clear moisturizing lukewarm water to leave the nails, but before doing so, the nails should be passed under warm water to become the softest and smoothest.Pay the skin surrounding and press the skin and pressure on

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it: using a point or two of the skin surrounding the nails and applying the skin, then it is pressed with the special tool for this, and this process is easy and easy does not cause pain.Remove the dirt from the bottom of the nails: it is normal that the dirt is deposited under the nails during the performance of daily work, and this can be done by using the teeth cleaning stick, and this method is easy and does not cause pain, and After completing this, the nails should be left under the current hot water for thirty seconds.Apply a layer of nail ingredients: this will inevitably strengthen the nails and the outer layer, and it will also make the nails look cleaner and shinier.Tips to maintain the nailsThere are many tips that can be followed to maintain the nails: [3]Remember to wash your hands with soap after doing the following: After using the bathroom, after doing dirty actions, before and after cooking.Cold Nails: some people want to do it to give the nails the beautiful shape, and in case of desire to cool the nails, you should remember that the nails are cooled in a way, otherwise the nails will be caused in both directions with damage to the nail.Equipping Nails: This ste

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p is optional in case a person wants to lengthen the nails, and in case of cutting nails, the appropriate clip should be used and the nails are cut to the same length.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I clean my nails

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