How do I enjoy my body

1 Smoothing the body

How do I enjoy my body – ” Contents1 Body smoothing2 Surface and deep cleansing3 moisturizing4 massageSmoothing the bodyThe woman takes care of herself to highlight the characteristics of her femininity and beauty and looks for anything new to take care of her The process of care in the body is summarized in three steps:Surface and deep quality cleaning.Moisturizing.Massage.These three steps involve all areas of the body in addition to the hair and skin.The parts are exposed to a lot of dryness and sensitivity, especially since most women perform household chores that require them to work with chemical detergents daily, which helps to lose moisture from the hands and feet, and the weight of The body on the feet, and interest and good care of them also exposes them to cracks, so that women are dry skin are more harmful than women with oily skin and normal in the damage to the extremities and in the body in general.Moisturizing and softening the body is a basic daily step that a woman must follow the basic steps she mentioned earlier, and I will mention them in detail to know the necessary steps to body care.Surface and deep cleansingThe body should shower at a rate of three times a week in a moderate atmosp

2 surface and deep cleaning

here, and bathing with regular cleaning products is a surface cleaning of the body, while the deep cleaning of the body includes successive steps, including body bodies using or Natural sanding creams made at home, the task of sanding materials is to exfoliate the skin the dead accumulated on the surface of the skin, to allow new cells to grow and regenerate, and remove dark spots from the body, especially the knees and elbows, And a sanding can be done at home for the body using coffee, olive oil and lemon juice, because it works to exfoliate the body, and the effect of caffeine in this mixture, it helps to get rid of swords and white lines caused by The accumulation of fat, especially if the sanding is done every week.MoisturizerHydration is necessary to the body on a daily basis, whether by drinking large amounts of water that help hydrate the body from within, or moisturizing the body with a group of oils and creams that give the body a very soft, oils that must be used daily in the hydration: olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, orange oil and lavender oil, where these zilototths are mixed with a water bath and paint the whole body after the bath.MassageMa

3 hydration

ssage is the stroke of the body parts either by specialized devices or by manually using the soles of the fingers and hand, and massage is done with the help of special oils called massage oils and examples of children’s oil, or processed olive oil.* The benefits of massage are:Eliminate toxins in the conservations in the body parts and put them in the blood to get rid of them through urine.Reduce the severity of psychological and physical pressures.Distribution of fats to get rid of cellulite.Help increase blood flow and stimulate blood circulation.Get rid of the dead skin layer on the extremities, elbows and knees.Leave the body in a healthy, soft and moist state.It is advisable to massage the body periodically, two or three times a month, which keeps the body skin soft and healthy.Was the article useful?

4 massage

How do I enjoy my body

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