How do I get a skin like children

1 The beauty and softness of the skin

How do I get a skin like children – ” Contents1 The beauty and softness of the skin2 How to get soft skin like children3 Home recipes for soft skin4 referencesThe beauty and softness of the skinMost people want to have soft and silky skin, and people tend to complete treatments for the skin, which require huge amounts of money, in case there are many of the most useful and cheapest home remedies, and the skin plays An important role in promoting beauty, so it must be preserved the health of the skin mainly to look beautiful, and for a healthy skin, you look younger so you can use very simple home remedies to have a beautiful and natural skin naturally. [1]How to get a soft skin like childrenSoft skin can be achieved through certain changes and improvements on the daily skin care routine, including:[2]Using a proper lotion daily: the skin should be washed at least once a day, using appropriate products for the type to get moisture, because moisturizing the body is beneficial to the health and appearance of the skin, and a soft sponge or a piece of the cloth should be used to avoid damage to the sensitive facial skin, and if the skin is sensitive, the shower should be reduced so that it is not daily, in order to leave

2 How to get soft skin like children

an opportunity for the natural oils to the face with the skin feeding, and this can lead to too much irritation of the shower to sensitive skin.Skin peeling: peel the skin gets rid of dead skin cells, removes dirt and accumulates oils in it, making it to the skin soft, and skin peeling is used three times a week, so that the skin is sensitive and is used every two weeks, And peeling scales can be used at home, such as sugar rubbing, honey.Use of moisturizing products: it is necessary to use moisturizing products suitable for the type of skin and age, taking into account the change of products from time to time if the product does not match the body, because the body can change, and this can occur with the difference in the life of the skin, and its different needs, and they are either a lotion or a cream and it is advisable to apply moisturizing products before leaving the bath, because these products help the skin to feel comfortable.Use sunscreen for the skin: the sunscreen should be used when you leave the house to avoid ultraviolet damage, to get the skin soft as the skin of children and wear appropriate clothing to avoid harmful sunlight, such as hat and cover with long sleeve

3 home recipes for soft skin

s.Home recipes for soft skinWhile some home remedies come to get a fresh and impurity-free skin. Including: [3]Apple cider vinegar recipeApple cider vinegar contains acids that help to exfoliate skin cells dull and dull, and also relieve scars and impurities, due to the presence of light acids themselves, and apple cider vinegar contains antioxidants that help to improve the health of the skin by reflecting free radical damage, and Also contains skin-holding properties of the skin and improves the skin. The method is:ingredients:One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.Two teaspoons of rose water.A piece of cotton.A quantity of aloe vera.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients and place on the areas of spots, impurities, scars and stained areas of the face.Leave the mixture for 10 minutes to dry.Wash the face with water, then dry it.Repeat the recipe once a day.Lemon juice recipeLemon juice naturally contains acidic eggs to get a brighter skin without impurities and soft by acidity in the skin. And its method is:Ingredients: half lemon.How to prepare:Place lemon juice by pressing the lemon and rub it on the face.Leave the juice for 5-7 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Repeat the rec

ipe every day for a few days, then twice a week.Castor oil recipeCastor oil contains fatty acids, which makes it an excellent rain to maintain the moisture of the skin, which helps restore the production of natural sebum, because the steam opens the pores and allows the oil to reach the deep layers of the skin, And it improves the castor oil of collagen and elastin that makes the skin softer. The method is:ingredients:3-2 drops of castor oil.Warm water (in a bowl).Large to prepare:Buck the face by placing it on a bowl of hot water with a towel to cover the head and prevent the steam from spreading too much.Leave the face in the steam for 2-3 minutes, then gently dry the skin.Castor oil, with massage.Leave it on the skin overnight.Repeat the recipe once every 4-5 days.Apply castor oil (without steam) every night.Garlic recipeGarlic is used effectively to treat scars, acne and other facial marks, and is an antimicrobial factor that kills bacteria on the face, and garlic also contains orthodontic acids excellent for softening scars and other facial marks. The method is:Ingredients: One clove of garlic.How to prepare:Crush the garlic clove and put it on the panels and scars o

n the face.Leave the garlic on for 5 minutes.Wash the face with water and let it dry.A proper moisturizing position.Repeat the recipe daily.Rose water recipeRose water is useful for the skin; It balances the pH of the skin, improves blood circulation, heals acne scars and other skin signs, and contributes to a bright and cheerful skin. The method is:ingredients:Two tablespoons of rose water.One teaspoon of lemon juice, or five to six drops of olive to prepare:Add the lemon juice to the rose water if the person has acne or oily skin, but if the skin is dry, olive oil is added instead.Mix the ingredients together, then put them on the face.Leave the mixture on for 10 to 15 minutes.Wash the face with water.Repeat the recipe once a day.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I get a skin like children

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