How do I get a soft body like silk

1 smoothness of the skin

How do I get a soft body like silk – ” Contents1 softness of the skin2 natural mixture to soften the rough bodySkin softnessAll girls aspire to get a silky smooth skin, whether for the face or body, because the smoothness of the skin is one of the most important characteristics of femininity and attractiveness for women, and evidence of its beauty and interest in itself, And there are a set of factors that cause the roughness of the skin, the most important of which are: Age; While, with a woman over thirty years, the collagen layer begins with a gradual decrease and skin roughness increases, and some stages appear on it, such as wrinkles and fine lines.Also, the lack of care of the girl with her skin accelerates the emergence of problems, because neglecting the moisture and constant exfoliation of the face and body leads to the accumulation of layers of dead skin and the appearance of dark spots, with an increase in the roughness of the body, which gives it an embarrassing appearance that suggests age even if the girl is in the frame of life.In addition, frequent exposure to hot or cold drafts reduces the moisture of the skin and exposes it to cracks and unpleasant irritation, and roughness can also accompany the ann

2 Natural mixture to soften the rough body

oying itching due to the loss of skin and skin softness, In addition to the wrong choice of methods of removing excess hair from the skin, such as the use of a shaving blade that increases the roughness of the skin and keeps the cells that dead are on its surface, and we will subsequently examine a natural way to restore softness, vitality and moisture to the skin in a short period:Natural mixture to soften the rough bodyingredientsTwo cups of oil for children.One quarter cup of black pool oil.A quarter cup of fresh lemon juice.One quarter cup of coarse salt.One quarter cup coarse white sugar.A quarter cup of rose water.How to prepare and useBring a clean and completely dry box, then mix all the previous ingredients and set aside.Wash your body with warm water for about fifteen minutes, then dry it with a clean towel.Put an appropriate amount of the previous softening mixture and spread it on the body with a little gentle massage on the entire areas with emphasis on the dark and coarse areas such as elbows, knees, etc., and it is better to be in a place during this.Leave the smooth mixture on your body for another five minutes before rinsing with water.Rinse your body with a warm b

ath and rough nose with Nabulsi soap.Dry your skin well with a clean towel, then grease the entire skin of your body with a little glycerin for the skin.Repeat the application of this effective method for a period of three to five continuous days and you will get impressive results and a great smooth skin.Keep the rest of the mixture in the same box in a dry and clean place and away from perfumes and direct sunlight for the time to come.Was the article useful?

How do I get a soft body like silk

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