How do I get fresh and bright skin

1 healthy skin

How do I get fresh and bright skin – ” Contents1 healthy skin2 basic daily steps for the skin3 blends for skin radiance and freshness4 Some useful foods for skin freshness5 referencesSkin healthEvery female in this world seeks to keep her skin fresh, soft and radiant. The beautiful skin is the secret of the attractive look, so every female must take care of her skin, in a way that suits the skin of the skin, the The skin needs a set of daily practices to protect it, and also needs a set of natural recipes for its freshness and radiance, and it is better for you, the female, to take care of your skin from the softness of your nails, the More early attention, the more you keep your skin fresh, bright and wrinkle-free for a longer period. [1]Basic daily steps for the skinThere are a set of steps that every woman should take on a daily basis to keep her skin fresh and glowing: [2]You need to make sure you wrap your face with a sunscreen that suits your skin in summer and winter, before you leave the house, and it is best to use a sunscreen, its protective factors on the fifty.Beware of sleep and makeup covers your skin; because makeup hinders the breathing process of your skin and therefore your skin climbs and extinguish

2 basic daily steps for the skin

es its glow. The skin in the night hours breathes and regenerates the cells.It is better for you to remove makeup with water only instead of chemicals, and after cleaning your skin from makeup, you should use a proper face wash.Wash your face in the morning with cold or lukewarm water and avoid hot water and do not use the wash in the morning, so that you do not deprive your skin of the materials that you produced at night, because these materials are useful in renewing your skin.Make sure you drink water. Water gives your skin moisture, prevents it from drying out and keeps it glowing.Hydrate your skin with natural and medical moisturizers.Blends for brightness and freshness of the skinThere are simple, natural blends that help you achieve fresh, glowing skin, including:[3]Tea tree oil: tea tree oil is characterized by its anti-bacterial and fungal substances, many doctors prescribe it to get rid of skin problems such as acne, and tea tree oil is a very useful oil for freshness and brightness of the skin .Lemon: because it contains citric acid is an effective component in the fight against acne.Snow: When ice is placed on the place of redness around the love, it will reduce the bl

3 mixtures for the radiance and freshness of the skin

ood vessels and thus relieve the redness.CUCUMBRANT AND HONEY: When you crush half a nut with a spoon of honey, this mixture helps to elaborate the skin and regenerates the skin cells.Honey and egg whites: Mix a tablespoon of honey with egg whites, well, and the mixture is placed on the face until it dries well, and wash the face well with soap and water.Milk: it can be used in two forms either as a mask or wash the face daily.Some useful foods for skin freshnessThere are several foods that are useful for the skin, including oily fish, apples, red fibroids, beets, bananas, pangs, lemon, avocado, orange, coconut water, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, garlic and strawberries, these foods Return to the skin fresh from the inside of the body to the outside. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 some foods useful for the freshness of the skin

How do I get fresh and bright skin

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