How do I get rid of red spots on the face

1 red spots on the face

How do I get rid of red spots on the face – ” Contents1 red spots on the face2 methods to treat red spots3 tips to avoid red spotsRed spots on the faceRed spots of the baccalaureate shaped skin and creatures of the appearance of ladies, so it is a source of inconvenience and reduced for many women, and these spots appear as a result of the activity of blood circulation in this area of The skin, in addition to many factors causing their appearance, such as inflammation of germs and pink sound of the disease, or due to long hours of exposure to the sun, can also appear due to a lack of vitamins in the body, or these spots can Be a reaction of the skin to the use of cosmetics, these spots of poor quality is permanently, and there is no doubt that there are many safe ways that help every woman to get rid of these spots permanently.Methods of treating red spotsCover the spots with a cleaning and cloth in cold milk, for fifteen minutes.Put baking soda on the spots, for thirty minutes, then rinse your face well.Prepare a mixture of aloe vera and olive oil, as well as vitamin E, which treats skin problems resulting from bright sunlight. Gently rub your skin with this mixture and be careful not to massage violently, as this method in

2 methods for treating red spots

creases the redness of this skin.Apply moisturizers and dilute sunburns directly after exposure to the sun to treat them more quickly.Wipe the spots with a piece of cotton dipped in the juice of one of the acidic fruits, or put a slice of these fruits on your skin for thirty minutes. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is one of the important skin tissue nutrients, and perhaps the most influential citrus fruits on lemon skin.Wash your face with boiled chamomile, repeat this method every day, until you permanently get rid of these spots.Grease the red spots with lavender oil, reduce the redness of these spots.Put yogurt on the spots to get rid of the redness of your skin.Use topical ointments or oral medications, but you must take them after a doctor.Tips to avoid red spotsYou should cover the skin of your face with a sunscreen, suitable for the nature of your skin and you should choose a condom with a protection factor equal to fifty and above, before exposure to the sun of the sun of half an hour, And renew your face covering this condom every two hours, but it is best to avoid exposure to strong sunlight, which is confined between ten in the morning and the fourth in the a

3 tips to avoid red spots

fternoon.Use high quality cosmetics.Was the article useful?

How do I get rid of red spots on the face

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