How do I get rid of the black knees

1 herbal remedy

How do I get rid of the black knees – ” Contents1 herbal remedy2 home remedies3 whitening creams4 referencesherbal remedyCactus gelAloe vera gel should be applied and applied to the knees for half an hour, then wash it off, as aloe vera gel has been known for thousands of years with its great benefits to treat burns and reduce tanning resulting from the sun, in addition to moisturize the skin and protect it from increasing darkening. [1]OptionCucumber contains moisturizing, whitening and gently peeling elements for the skin, and it is indicated that there are two ways to use cucumber, namely:[2]The first method: mix equal amounts of cucumber juice with lemon juice and turmeric, then apply the mixture to the knee for 20-30 minutes, after which the knee wash and repeat the process daily until the color improves.The second method: the knee is rubbed with a thick choice for ten minutes, sheet for five minutes, then rinsed with cold water and repeat the process daily to achieve the desired results.Home remediesLemonadeLemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which is characterized by its skin exfoliation, whitening, removal of dead cells and cell regeneration, and it can be used in the era of lemon, then rub lemon on the knees and

2 home remedies

leave the Peer on the knees for at least an hour, and then wash the knees with warm water, and it is best to use moisturizers, but this is where the lemon can dry the skin. [3]Bread and milk sodaPeel the baking soda from the skin while the milk mixes the skin; Because it contains lactic acid that reduces the pigmentation of the skin and can be used by mixing equal amounts of milk and baking soda until a thick paste is formed, rub the paste on the dark spots with a circular motion with the fingertips, and then, then Wash the skin with lukewarm water and with the process repeated daily, it will seem that the results improve the complexion. [3]Olive oilThe black knee usually appears due to its dryness, so the use of olive oil or other natural oils, such as: sesame seeds or coconut that is important to give the knees moisture that must be preserved and fresh. [1]Whitening creamsThere are effective whitening creams that contain glutathione, alpha -alpha and COGK acid, with a little concentration of hydroquinone, but it is taken into consideration that these creams are not used without consulting a doctor; Because of its long-term side effects that can cause chronic skin diseases. [4]th

3 bleaching creams

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How do I get rid of the black knees

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