How do I get rid of the dryness of the skin

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How do I get rid of the dryness of the skin – ” Contents1 dry skin2 causes of dry skin and skin3 symptoms of dry skin and skin4 complications of dry skin and skin5 Prevention of dry skin and skin6 Treatment of dry skin and skinDry skinDry skin and dry skin are known to be one of the most common problems among people, men and women, so the person feels dry of his skin and skin, cruelty, and exposure to cracking easily due to dryness, dry skin and Skin is a decrease in water of the layers of the skin, especially the surface layer, it affects the dry skin of adults and children, men and women.Reasons for dry skin and skinThe skin is exposed to dehydration due to environmental and external factors.Cold and low temperatures cause dehydration in the skin.Dehydration occurs due to the decrease in the percentage of humidity, especially in winter.A lot of washing with soap.Many antiseptics and cleaning materials cause dehydration.Thyroid disease also causes dehydration.Diabetes also causes dehydration.Malnutrition causes dehydration in the skin.Skin infections cause dehydration.Asthma infection, or allergies, contribute to dry skin.Symptoms of dry skinSevere itching sensation in the skin.Roughness in the texture of the skin.Red spots a

2 causes of dry skin and skin

ppear on the skin.Complications of dry skin and skinIt can result from dehydration of the skin wounds resulting from severe itching.A betting infection can also occur as a result of dehydration in the skin.Prevention of dry skin and skinAvoid exposure to soap and harsh detergents.Stay away from wool clothing.Use natural fiber clothing and cotton clothing.Work to increase the humidity in the air.Treat dry skin and skinMaintain refreshments for the skin and skin (tastes and vegetable oils). And (creams containing hydrocortisone).Use medications that reduce itching; By consulting a specialist in skin. Such as drugs (steresin or orazadine medicine).Was the article helpful?

3 symptoms of dry skin and skin

4 complications of dry skin and skin

How do I get rid of the dryness of the skin

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