How do I get soft and clear skin

1 Maintaining the cleanliness of the skin

How do I get soft and clear skin – “Contents1 Keep the skin clean2 Avoid the falsification of buttons3 Steam bathroom work4 Use household recipes5 other ways to get a soft and clear skin6 referencesKeep the skin cleanThe use of cosmetics leads to hide pimples and capture free radicals, explains Al -Barsour Zoe Draillus, professor of dermatology at Duke University, so it is advisable to wash the skin in the morning and evening and after exercising, and using a cleaner special that contains about 2% of Silsk acid. [1]Avoid pimple falsificationIt is recommended to avoid the falsification of pimples; To avoid inflammation, then the appearance of the scar in place, and it is possible to avoid the falsification of pills by distracting the hands with pressure games as suggested by experts, and in the case it is advisable to sterilize the affected area with a skin lotion that contains about 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide. [1]Make a steam bath for the skinSteam bath is used to maintain a balance in the skin, give the soft tissue and increase its permeability, and it is used by placing a large bowl of water on the fire and leaving it until the end, then remove and put a towel Over the head, put the head 25 cm from the water and let

2 Avoid tampering with pimples

the water penetrate the skin. 2]Using home recipesMany home recipes are available for soft, clear skin, including the following:Yogurt with cucumber and mint leaves: cucumber and yogurt help balance the skin, mint works to calm it, and it is used by mixing half a cup of yogurt with a medium pill of peeled cucumber and five leaves of mint leaf in the electric blender, to get a mixture of smooth and smooth texture then massage the skin with the mixture with a small circular motion, wash with lukewarm water and leave it until it dries. [2]Avocado and honey: the mask helps to cleanse, disinfect it, kill bacteria in the pores and nourish the skin, and is used by mixing half a pill of mashed avocado with a teaspoon of honey evenly, applying the mixture on the skin and leave it for about ten minutes.Other ways to get soft and clear skinSeveral methods are available for soft, clear skin, including the following:Make sure to apply sunscreen at all times and avoid sun exposure for long periods of time; Because this leads to filling the pores of the skin, exposing the skin to long-term damage.Sleep for enough hours during the night, because lack of sleep leads to poor blood circulation in th

3 Steam bathroom work

e body and thus reflecting this on the skin, so take care of eight hours during the night so that the cells can regenerate.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 Use household recipes

How do I get soft and clear skin

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