How do I hide acne spots

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How do I hide acne spots – ” Contents1 acne2 ways to hide acne spotsAcneThe problem of acne does not end with the removal of pimples from the skin, but it often generates another problem behind it, which is the problem of effects and dark spots with red color, then it begins to change until it becomes dark in color, And usually, these places disappear, but you need a period of half a year to a year, and this period in the eyes of women is very long, because this problem spoils their beauty, so they look for easy, simple and harmless ways for their skin to hide these annoying spots.Methods to hide acne spotsNatural masks to hide acneMix a tablespoon of baking soda, with water until you have a homogeneous and coherent paste, apply the paste on your skin for three minutes, then search your skin well, continue to repeat this mixture on your skin, twice a week until you get rid of the effects of acne also know that baking soda is an effective natural exfoliant, and it is also effective in cleaning the skin.Wash your face at least twice with lukewarm water every day, then apply your skin cucumber juice or moisturizer, but it is better for you to use a juice because it is an anti-inflammatory and thus reduces the r

2 ways to hide acne stains

edness of pimples.Wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in fresh lemon juice, before going to bed and daily. Lemon is an effective natural substance to rid the skin of dead skin, and it also stimulates the formation of new and healthy skin as well.Mix a quantity of strained green tea with a quantity of oatmeal powder, so that a soft paste is formed, apply the mixture on your face for thirty minutes, and then wash your face with lukewarm water, as the tea is effective in fighting scars, as it works to clear the skin.Mix three tablespoons of vinegar and three tablespoons of water, along with an aspirin disc, and apply the mixture to your face daily until you permanently get rid of the effects of acne.Mix half a cup of honey and an egg white with a spoon of flour, spread the mixture on the pieces of cloth for face masks, then tear the piece on your face for a third of an hour, gently remove the mask from Your face, then remove the mask from your face with a cotton ball wet in lukewarm water, then wash your face well and use lukewarm water.Masking acne with makeupMoisturize your skin with a moisturizer and make sure you choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type, and a moisturiz

er is important to protect the orthopedics of your skin from blockage due to goodness.Spread vanodishin all over your face, and it is better for you to choose a liquid Fondishin, then use a clinic with a darker color of your skin in order to hide the acne spots, and you should use a brush in the corrective distribution.Was the article helpful?

How do I hide acne spots

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