How do I hide body cracks

1 cracks of the body

How do I hide body cracks – ” Contents1 Body cracks2 How to hide the signs of stretching the skin3 Preventing the appearance of stretch marksBody cracksSigns of expansion appear as a result of the strong tension of the skin, resulting quickly from weight gain, as in adolescence, or extending the abdomen as a result of pregnancy, taking cortisone drugs or muscle growth in bodybuilders, or as a result of Genetic factors such as Ahrar-Dannos syndrome, which are flexible skin fibers, are torn, which is not easily due to the normal.How to hide the signs of skin stretchingSigns of expansion can be eliminated in several ways:Medical solutionsVitamin A cream: these creams help to rebuild collagen, but they should be used at the beginning of the appearance of expansion, that is, within the first month at the latest, but research on many of these creams will not be conducted to Know their impact on the fetuses, and therefore the pregnant woman should consult the doctor before choosing one of these creams to choose the safe type.Laser Rays: a specialized doctor can perform a session of laser vials that redistribute melanin in the skin, and it gives great results for modern stretch lines, and inferior result of the old s

2 How to hide the signs of stretching the skin

igns, and there is a special type of laser called Anxi – Laser that stimulates the chromosomal cells of the skin to produce melanin, it is appropriate and effective for the old expansion marks.Microscopic scratching: special crystals are used, to cause very small wounds in the skin, then suction, and thus the skin is forced to rebuild new cells in its natural color.Chemical peeling: this exfoliation is used for old and new clods, and glycolic acid is used on the skin, so this acid injures the skin, and thus stimulates the growth of new skin cells.Natural solutionsCocoa butter: an appropriate amount of cocoa butter and massage the affected area once or twice a day.Shea butter: The affected area is massaged with raw shea butter daily for two months until results start to appear.Vitamin E: After bathing, the affected area by aged olive oil, leaves at least half an hour, or vitamin E oil, or known as vitamin E oil, is used daily.Prevention of the appearance of expansionOne of the best solutions to the notes of expansion is the prevention of their occurrence, especially when it should occur, especially a pregnant woman, by following some tips, such as:Daily moisturizing of the skin, esp

3 Prevention of the appearance of expansion marks

ecially the places that should occur, such as the abdomen.Exercise for a better nourishing delivery to the skin, making it able to cope with the tension that happens to it.Drink enough water to maintain the internal moisture of the skin.Eat foods rich in protein, useful fatty acids such as oily fish, avocado, olive oil, milk and its products and others.Was the article useful?

How do I hide body cracks

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