How do I hide the blackness under the eye

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How do I hide the blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 eye2 causes of dark circles under the eye3 How to reduce dark circles under the eye4 Prevention of dark circles under the eyeEyeThe eye is considered the member responsible for vision; therefore, it is one of the most distributed organs, and due to its great importance, it must be taken care of to protect it, but the eye can be exposed to some problems, including what is simple and can be easily solved, and some of them are dangerous and need medical intervention, and one of the annoying problems that can the eye affects the presence of dark circles underneath.Causes of infection by dark circles under the eyeThe lower area of the eyes does not contain fat or glands, because it is a thin layer of skin; therefore, it is the best area to reflect the color and darkening of the blood indicates the disturbance of the color of the blood, and its severe blackness indicates that the blood carries toxic substances that are carbon dioxide. To its natural color, and the other reasons for this problem are:Anemia, especially for a woman, because of pregnancy and birth to which she is exposed.Nervous and mental stress.Not sleeping for enough hours.Reduction in blood pressure.Nasal con

2 causes of infection with dark circles under the eye

gestion and blood collection in the blood vessels.How to reduce dark circles under the eyeYou can resort to creams and ointments dedicated to relieve dark circles under the eye, and reduce their stress, and in addition you can also try these home methods:Cold compresses; A piece of cotton is placed in cold water and placed on the eye for 15 minutes; It helps absorb toxins.Make potato slice compresses for at least 15 minutes.Use hot tea compresses for ten minutes, then cold compresses for ten minutes.Cucumber compresses added to a few drops of lemon juice.Sweet almond oil; It is considered one of the most important foods for skin health, applying it under the eye, keeping it for the morning, and then washing it off with warm water.Glycerin and orange juice mask; This is one of the best masks to get rid of black and smooth the skin.Use of crushed mint leaves; When placed under the eye for 20 minutes, the person feels a cold or tingling sensation, so that the blood circulation is spread and the auras start to disappear.Prevention of the appearance of dark circles under the eyeYou should get enough sleep for at least eight hours.Drink water in quantities that suit the body and stay awa

3 How to reduce dark circles under the eye

y from salty foods.Keep the nerves quiet as much as possible and relieve the cosmetics under the eyes.Not sitting for long periods in front of televisions and computers.Attention to eating healthy and wholesome foods, and many foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon, guava, etc., and consumption of foods rich in vitamin K such as spinach in brocolio, cabbage, soybeans and broccoli are very important to prevent the emergence of dark circles.Was the article useful?

4 Prevention of the appearance of dark circles under the eye

How do I hide the blackness under the eye

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