How do I hide the pills

1 white head grains

How do I hide the pills – “Contents1 white head grains2 cystic acne3 injured spots4 blackheads5 referencesWhitehead spotsWhitehead can be hidden by doing:Put a very cold course on the pill to reduce its inflammation. [1]Place a green primer from a well company to unify the color and mask the red color. [1]The foundation was applied to the face, taking care to completely cover the grains on all sides until they disappear. [2]It is best if the foundation cream is dry (powder foundation) and not a liquid cream until it stays on the face longer and does not melt. [1]Cystic AcneCystic acne is one of the types of young in which the grains are swollen and enlarged due to inflammation and bacteria, so you should start first by relieving the severity of inflammation and death bacteria by applying snow cubes or a cloth moistened with warm water On the skin of the face, then it is advisable to apply a moisturizer a light color or a corrector on these pills, and avoid placing a heavy foundation so that it does not worsen and the pills appear more clearly. [3]Injured grillsPill tampering on the skin of the face leads to the formation of wounds and becomes darker than the rest of the face, making it difficult to hide, du

2 cystic acne

e to the fertilization of its color and rough texture, in which case a thicker case The corrector can be used for dark pigmentation. [1]Black headsBlackheads can be covered with a thin application of foundation (foundation), and in the event that the coverage will not be enough, a corrector of the same color can be added to the blackheads using the Lord method, and then a dry foundation (powder foundation) is placed). And if the coverage is not enough or as you hope, more concealer can be added using the brush until the desired result is achieved. [3]the proofreaderWas the article useful?

3 wounded grains

4 blackheads

How do I hide the pills

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