How do I keep my cleanliness

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How do I keep my cleanliness – ” Contents1 personal hygiene2 ways to maintain personal hygienePersonal hygienePersonal hygiene is a set of customs and daily practices that a person performs in order to preserve his health and protect his body from disease, so it is considered mainly in the healthy and psychological health, because it is one of the most important factors that help In the construction of social, family and successful relationships, and its neglect is driven to those around the person disgust him, as it is a source of vitality and human activity.Methods of maintaining personal hygieneDo neglect personal hygiene for many reasons can be, perhaps the most important of which is the lack of awareness of its importance, or the scarcity of water and its lack of availability, and perhaps the disease, depression is the main cause, or because of laziness, and here we propose some instructions on how to maintain personal hygiene:Personal hygieneShower daily, or at least three times a week.Remove the armpits, and the pubic shaved regularly and regularly, or whenever the need is required.Fingernails take care, cut and organize them at least two weeks.Pay attention to the health and cleanliness of the hair and s

2 Ways to maintain personal hygiene

tyle it properly.Use sweat movers to get a refreshing and beautiful smell.Exercise, lose weight and eat healthy foods.Avoid unhealthy fabric clothing such as industrial fibers and Karina.Oral hygienePersonal hygiene is not limited to body care, but also includes oral and dental care, so it must be taken care of by following these tips:Know the causes of mouth odor, which can result from the consumption of garlic, onions or infection by certain diseases such as heart disease, chronic constipation, dehydration, gingivitis, tonsils or due to low immunity.Periodically and continuously clean the teeth and make sure to clean the gums of the dentist at least one year.Treat and eradicate tonsillitis if necessary.CleaningThere are a number of dressing guidelines that help keep it clean, including:Change undergarments daily and replace the outer once every other day.Wash the pod periodically and change it once a day, especially on summer days.Pay attention to the cleanliness of the shoe.Personal hygiene for womenWomen need special care for their personal hygiene, due to the somewhat different nature of their bodies, and these are important tips:Remove excess hair periodically and continuousl

y, taking into account not to use softness to remove hair when diabetes.Intensification of personal hygiene care during menstrual days.Let the body dry completely after bathing, to ensure that fungi do not grow.Wash the sensitive area with water only; because soap stimulates the growth of fungi in it and always keeps them dry.Was the article useful?

How do I keep my cleanliness

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