How do I keep my hand

1 moisturizing hands

How do I keep my hand – ” Contents1 Moisturizing hands2 Wear gloves when using cleaning materials3 Use of sunscreen4 Peiging Hands5 Avoid washing hands with hot water6 ReferencesMoisturizingHands should be constantly moisturizing; To keep their softness, using moisturizing cream for both hands, several times during the day, as it is recommended to choose a moisturizing type that contains materials that effectively allow the hands, of which the most important are: natural oils, glycerin, and chia butter, as the cream is applied to the hands with massage after washing them in the morning, and before going to bed. [1]Wear gloves when using cleaning materialsGloves should be worn when using hard cleaning materials on the skin or gardening; It protects the hands and nails, or when cutting onions, tomatoes and other acidic foods that can irritate the hands, and it is best to use rubber gloves that reach the elbow when deep cleaning, and cotton gloves are used; To avoid itching and sweating, it can also be used to cover the hands after moisturizing them at night, and it is best to wear gloves when leaving the house in cold weather; To avoid dry hands or cold air cracks. [2]Use of sunscreenConsider hand protectio

2 Wear gloves when using cleaning materials

n before exposure to the harmful sun, because it can cause brown spots and skin pigmentation on the hands, in addition to being the main causes of wrinkles. [3]PeelingIt is best to peel the hands at least once a week; Exfoliation rids the hands of dead skin cells, blood circulation improves and can be peeled off at home using natural materials, such as: salt or sugar, rubbing the hands, then washing them, to get a fresh and glowing skin, and can also be used for the face peeling off the back of the hands.Avoid washing your hands with hot waterLittle water should be used when washing hands; Because hot and cold water damages the skin, in addition to not using dishwashing soap to wash hands; It is hard on the skin, causing dry hands. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Using a sunscreen

4 peeling hands

How do I keep my hand

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