How do I keep my nails clean

1 nail care and the importance of cleaning them

How do I keep my nails clean – “Contents1 Nail care and the importance of cleaning them2 How to keep your nails clean3 methods of cleaning nails4 natural recipes for cleaning nails5 referencesNail care and the importance of cleaning themHands are often considered more used when working, writing, cleaning and other tasks that make them more vulnerable to pollution, and this is what causes dirt and convergence of dirt under the nails, and also causes the change of their color to yellow that makes them seem dirty, and not healthy, and in this article is the mention of some correct ways to clean the nails, to preserve them healthy, free of dirt and germs, because most problems begin because of bacteria and germs, it is necessary to take care to prevent their convergence under the nails, and it must be well focused on the attention of ordinary nails cleanliness, and make sure to dry them after finishing them, and it is advisable that they are not exposed to water in abundance ; Because this increases the opportunity to break it. [2]How to keep your nails cleanThere are many things that help to prevent the dirt of the nails and expose them to the factors that can cause them to pollute, and in the following points ther

2 How to maintain nail cleanliness

e is an explanation of these methods of prevention: [1]Avoid the penalty of the nails or chew them; Because this can lead to dirty nails, inflammation of the surrounding skin and the entry of bacteria and germs into the nails.Wear gloves before starting any work; This is to prevent dirt from entering the nails while working.Scrub the nails with a piece of soap if some work is being done during which gloves cannot be worn; this is to form a fierce layer that pushes the dirt and prevents it from entering the nails.Deposits dirt under the nails regularly, and it is when he notices dirt on the nails.Style of cleaning nailsThere are several steps that clarify the method of cleaning the nails, some of which should be in the routine program for personal care, and some of which include deep cleaning methods, and below is a reminder of this way all: [3]Cleaning an area under the nails, taking care to implement this in the presence of good lighting, because it is recommended to clean it while it is dry, not wet, and it is necessary to avoid using the pencil to clean it; Because this will make it upset.Washing hands with warm water, and it is recommended to use light soap with natural ingredi

3 nail cleaning methods

ents, or use soap dedicated to cleaning nails, but it is important to avoid using soap that contains hard substances; Because this can cause weak nails and make them look faded.Soak the nails in a bowl that contains warm water and soap for up to three minutes; Indeed, soaking it will help soften it and make it less vulnerable to breakage while cleaning it.Use a nail brush; To scrub the nails and clean them, but if a brush is not available to clean the nails, the toothbrush can be customized to perform the same task.Remove nail polish with a nail polish remover, and that is by applying the remover to a piece of cotton, then wipe it completely and wash your hands again quickly.Use baking soda; To deeply clean the nails every week.Moisturizing nails organized weekly, and natural oils can be used, such as: coconut oil, olive oil, and can also be used as a solution of aloe vera or cocoa to clean deeply.Soak the nails in dental penetration solution; For it helps to clean it, whiten it and clean it deeply.Soak the nails in a solution that contains equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water; To whiten them, sterilize them from germs and clean them deeply.Natural recipes to clean nailsT

4 natural recipes for cleaning nails

here are many natural recipes that help to clean the nails and get rid of the yellow color that is lost by their clean and healthy appearance. Below is the memory of some of them:[4]Lemon recipeLemon is considered a natural white factor, and it effectively helps to clean, whiten the nails and get rid of the yellow color that may appear in them, and forms a stimulating material for the growth of nails, and the following is an explanation of how it is used:[4]ingredients:Sufficient amount of fresh lemon juice.Satellite bowl.Toothbrush.Several to prepare:Prepare the bowl and fill it in the middle with fresh lemon juice.Soak the nails in lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes.Gently scrub the nails with a toothbrush.Wash hand with warm water, then moisturize.Repeat the recipe twice a day until the desired result is achieved.Lemon oil recipeBelow is an explanation of how to prepare this recipe:[4]ingredients:A small amount of lemon oil.Sufficient amount of water.Satellite to prepare:Prepare a shallow bowl and pack it with water.Put the essential lemon oil in the water.Soak the nails in a mixture of water and lemon oil for several minutes.Scrub the nails with a toothbrush fo

r up to a minute or two.Repeat the recipe twice a day and for a few weeks; For white and white nails.Baking soda recipeBaking soda peeled and whitened properties; Therefore, it has the ability to clean and whiten the nails well, and the following is an explanation of how they are used:[4]ingredients:One tablespoon of baking soda.Half a teaspoon of olive oil.One teaspoon of lemon to prepare:Mix the above ingredients well; To make a thick paste.Rub the paste on the nails with a soft toothbrush.Leave the paste on the nails for up to five minutes.Wash hands with warm water.Repeat this recipe once every two weeks.Dental paste recipeDental paste is mainly used; In order to clean and whiten the teeth, it also has great benefits for the nails; As it has the ability to clean it, and its whitening is also, as it helps to get rid of the yellow color that may appear there, especially if it contains in its ingredients one of the bleaching substances, such as hydrogen peroxide). Below is the case of its use:[4]ingredients:Sufficient quantity of toothpaste.Sufficient quantity of warm water.Nail brush.How to prepare:Put a quantity of toothpaste on the nails and leave it for 5-10 minutes.

Gently scrub the nails using the nail brush.Soak a piece of cotton in warm water, where the toothpaste is wiped from the nails.Repeat this recipe two or three times a week and continue it for a full month.Recipe for dental cleaning tabletsDental tablets contain citric acid and sodium (English: sodium bicarbonate), which helps to clean the nails considerably and whiten them effectively, and below is an explanation of how to use these tablets:[4]ingredients:Two or three tablets of tooth cleaning tablets.Sufficient amount of warm water.How to prepare:Dissolve the tooth cleaning in water.Soak the nails in the water for up to 15 minutes.Dry the nails, then moisturize them with a type of good moisturizer.Repeat the recipe three times a week and continue it for a month, or two months.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I keep my nails clean

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