How do I keep my skin freshness

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How do I keep my skin freshness – ” Contents1 Skin layers2 Skin protection3 valuable skin care tips4 skin masks5 types of skinThe skin is the port of the body to the outside world, and the skin is extremely important to give the aesthetic character to the human, especially women, and that any problem to which the skin can be exposed is enough to cause many problems to the bodies,Layers of skinThe outer layer: the component of dead cells that constantly change, which is an effective barrier against many types of germs that come from abroad. If the skin is weakened or short to do its job, the interior is significantly affected.The middle layer: composed of dead tissue in which nerves and blood vessels carry food are distributed to the skin, and these tissues give the strength of the skin and the flexibility of rubber.The deepest layer: it is considered a bowl that works to make and store fat, so we need various foods that contains all the necessary elements such as proteins, starches, vitamins and minerals; Because the absence of these elements or any of them causes weakness of the skin and distortion, especially iron, which helps the blood to transfer oxygen, which gives the skin and freshness.Protection of the skin

2 Skin protection

We must try to keep the skin clean, and this is by maintaining the use of soap; In order to clean the pores well or use some type of lotion; In order to clean the skin from the depths, and at the same time, you must avoid the use of solid detergents on the skin, which can cause infections in the skin, because the skin needs an appropriate lotion to its sensitivity; In order to achieve effective results, and therefore it is better to use natural and free chemicals, or use chemical soap after examining and taking the consultation of the specialist doctor, and that the ointments or soap are original and not adulterated, as many cosmetics and skin care suffer from certain materials, which work to irritate the skin and therefore need to know the types of soap and methods of their composition, and they are the following:Vegetable soap: This type of soap is prepared from vegetable oil by adding a group of natural vitamins, and this is based on certain amounts determined by specialists.Vegetable Wash: It is made of vegetable emulsion or water caused by boiling plants, then filter and remove impurities, and cool it until it reaches body temperature.Vegetable oils: Oils can be obtained by ob

3 valuable tips on skin care

taining them from plants that can be dried or fresh, and it is by placing a quantity of plant after it is cut into pieces and small pieces in a bottle, then adding olive oil or any other oil suitable for the skin and it is closed and placed in the sun, and that the bottle is tightly closed, and leave it for a period of at least four weeks, but with care that the bottle is carried out daily and stirred, and after the end of the specified period, it is filtered with a piece of cloth, which allows the oil to be applied, and we will be we have obtained the right oil, and the oil does not spoil, so it is possible to make a large amount of oil and keep it for a year.Plant ointments: the plant is pressed using the right tools, then the resulting juice is taken, and it is boiled in an appropriate amount of lanolin or petroleum jelly, and after this amount evaporates, we have obtained the vegetable ointment.Vegetable cream: Creams are prepared in the same way as vegetable ointments are prepared, but we add honey wax to it.Valuable tips on skin careWe must first contain vitamins, minerals and other elements needed to nourish the skin, and then focus on other cleansing elements, such as the m

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edical plant used for this purpose, and types of juice such as: fruit juice, carrot juice, lemon juice , honey and pure water, then mix a cup of coffee fruit juice, with two tablespoons of carrot juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a spoon of honey, with two glasses of water, mix these elements, drink before Food and medicinal plants used for internal cleansing: millias, thyme, lick the leaves or leaves of freedom (ground berries), a tablespoon of the most milder plant, with a chopped leg, thyme plant, apartments or ladder leaves. These items are soaked in a cup of boiling water tea for a quarter of an hour, filtered after them, left to cool and drink before food.Skin masksFor skin elasticity and activation: a little almond oil and sweet honey are mixed with a whipped egg, taking care to mix the ingredients well, then the mixture is used as a mask on the skin, and on the neck as Well, and leave for a period of at least a third of the hour, and after drying on the face, it washed and cleaned the skin with warm water and soap suitable for the skin.For the skin: a quantity of cornmeal and watermelon juice are mixed, after which the resulting mixture is used as a mask for the skin f

or a period of at least a third of an hour, and then wash it with warm water and soap Suitable for the face.For the smoothness of the skin and neck: an egg yolk is mixed, with a quantity of domestic olive oil, then add to the mixture a teaspoon of olive oil, and after the ingredients mix well, they are filled A small bottle, and maintained until it is needed, the bottle should be saved only in a cold place, and its use is by massaging the face and neck with the light massage of the mixture, and then leaving the mixture on the skin for a period of not less than ten minutes, and then wash it with warm water.To tighten the skin and muscles in general: the face is wiped daily using a absorbent cotton wet with almond oil.Oils used before the bathroom: these oils are used to nourish the skin, as they support the skin with a freshness, and it is recommended to use it before the bathroom, and it is recommended to use it before going to bed.Almond oil: The whole body is wiped with sweet almond oil, and then leave the oil on the body for a third of an hour, and this step is recommended before the bathroom.Corn oil: A quantity of yellow corn flour is soaked in a small bottle, and it has an ap

propriate amount of olive oil, for a period of at least two days, and that the bottle is firmly closed and avoids opening it, and after two days, we filter the resulting oil and the body is applied with the resulting oil, it is also before the bathroom.Types of skinIt is known to people in general that the skin consists of three types: dry skin, oily skin and skin with large pores, but most people do not know that due to their ignorance, how to deal with their problems of double skin, caused by the nature of the climate in which they live, or caused by the system, a built-in diet, and they have many problems. Therefore, it is necessary to know my dear Eve about the types of skin separately and how to preserve it; To keep your skin fresh fresh, just as each skin has its own methods in order to take care of it and take care of its form, because the problems faced with dry skin differ from those faced with oily skin, and the methods of treatment are different, And the same recipes can not be used on the two types of skinWas the article useful?

How do I keep my skin freshness

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