How do I keep my skin

1 Preserving the skin

How do I keep my skin – ” Contents1 Preserving the skin2 How to keep the skin3 referencesPreserving the skinThe task of preserving the skin is considered Among them appear with a younger, fresher and vibrant appearance. In order to keep my skin, I must pay attention to a good balanced nutrition and this is an internal interest, as well as external care, which is a set of things, we will try to review some of them in this article. [1]How to keep the skinYou can maintain the skin by following these steps: [2]Eat enough water at a rate of at least two liters per day, and this amount can be increased in severe summer.The pill affects the skin and causes wrinkles; therefore, it is recommended to choose other methods instead of pills.Do not overdo the successive and frequent use of Botox; it is enough to destroy the skin cells.Avoid using jewelry or accessories that cause skin sensitivity, irritation and redness.Take care to eat foods rich in vitamin A, omega -3, iron, phosphorus, zinc, protein and other basic substances. [3]Work with evaporation every two weeks, spray the face with rose water after finishing.Tips when using skin creams and refreshersFollow these procedures when using skin creams and refreshers

2 How to keep the skin

:[4]Before using any creamy or cosmetic composition treatment, it is necessary to consult a specialized doctor or try it on a small area of the skin and wait for some time to make sure that there is no sense in using it.Be sure to moisturize dry skin continuously, using moisturizing creams and using a mask that includes natural honey, such as honey and yogurt, in equal proportions, as well as massaging the skin with moisturizing oils such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and olive Oil, especially before sleeping, as the absorption of the skin increases. For these oils because of the high body temperature during sleep, then washed in the morning.Make sure to reduce the moisture of oily skin; For it causes acne, blackheads and pigmentation of the skin by peeling the skin and making a steam bath for this.Using a sunscreen before leaving the house, taking into account its renewal during the day. It is also advisable when returning home to put a mask of yogurt on the sun, especially in summer. To protect the skin from drying and prevent it from changing the color and maintain an even skin color. [5]Use a lotion for the type of skin, and the skin should be cleaned from the residue of make

up and cosmetics, and it is strictly forbidden to sleep without eliminating it by using cleansed milk and then tunic rose water or natural to close the pores.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I keep my skin

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