How do I keep myself clean

1 Personal hygiene habits

How do I keep myself clean – ” Contents1 Personal hygiene habits2 Clean the ear3 other basics to maintain personal hygiene4 referencesPersonal hygiene habitsPersonal hygiene habits include the following: [1]Bathing regularly: you should continue to wash the hair and body at regular intervals, and this does not mean bathing daily, but the body should be cleaned regularly with water and shampoo.Nail trim: The nail trim continuously helps to maintain the overall health of the body and prevent certain problems such as: meat nails and cleanliness of the legs must be maintained, because clean feet reduce the incidence of athletic foot.Dental cleaning: the teeth should be cleaned after each meal, as they reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, thereby reducing the incidence of gum disease and tooth decay, and the toothbrush and floss can be used to clean the teeth, as the floss Helps maintain the health and strength of the gums, as the gums are not healthy causes the disintegration and separation of the teeth, resulting in difficulty in chewing food, and it is best to increase the dentist every six months.Perspective to wash your hands: you need to keep your hands clean constantly, so it is best to wash you

2 Clean the ear

r hands before and after eating, and after sneezing, in order to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses, and it is best to use a sterilization gel that contains Alcohol, because it is a good alternative to soap and water.Cleaning the earCleaning of the ear should be continued after each shower, to avoid irritation, and ear wax is used to facilitate the removal of the adhesive. [3]Other basics for maintaining personal hygieneThe following things can be followed to keep the body clean and scented:[4]Using a mouthwash: oral lotion helps to remove bacteria in the mouth and can also help prevent tooth decay, but although it is not dispensed with the toothbrush.Using perfumes: perfumes contribute to the scent of the body and to obtain an attractive smell, so the colony or manufactured perfumes can be used to perfume the body and maintain its cleanliness.Deodorant: The basic function of the sweat remover is to get rid of the smell of sweat caused by bacteria that accumulate in the skin, and it is best to use the deodorant at night for best results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 other basics to maintain personal hygiene

How do I keep myself clean

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