How do I keep the smell of my body

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How do I keep the smell of my body – ” Contents1 body odor2 causes of bad body odor3 How to keep my body odorBody odorMany people suffer from unpleasant odors emitted by the body, which causes them embarrassment and distress, especially when they are in different places and mix with people, such as the workplace, or in universities, or in the markets, everyone likes to look elegant and With a fragrant and refreshing smell, and so we will learn that this article is about the causes of unpleasant odors and how to get rid of them.Causes of bad body odorThere are many reasons why the body makes an unpleasant and unpleasant smell:Sweat: sweat is the main cause of any body odor.Lack of interest in body hygiene, while a person hesitated to clean his body daily, allowing bacteria and germs to accumulate.Frequent food stimuli such as tea and coffee, as it contains caffeine, which increases the smell of sweat.Take medications and drugs.Eat hot, pungent foods.It suffers from many thyroid problems, and as a result of the imbalance in the action of the glands, it can produce unpleasant body odor.Eat garlic, onions and fish, these foods are known to have a strong smell.Wear tight clothing that does not absorb sweat, such as nylon a

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nd polyester clothing.High temperatures.How to keep my body odorTo maintain the cleanliness of the body and its fragrant smell, you should pay attention to the coming:Maintain personal hygieneShower daily, especially in the hot summer atmosphere.Add herbs that have a fragrant scent to the bathtub, where the whole body is scented.Attention to hygiene under the armpits, behind the ears and late neck.Cleaning genitals for both sexes, these areas can emit unwanted odors if not taken care of.Take care of hair cleanliness and be sure to choose an appropriate shampoo.Take care of foot hygiene, as it is best to wash and dry the feet before and after wearing the shoe.Maintain the smell of clothesFraud and clean clothes help to improve body odor, give a refreshing feeling and maintain the smell of clothes, the following can be followed:Use an appropriate cleaner and clothing.Activate daily.During the menstrual cycle, it is best to change undergarments more than once a day.Avoid wearing the same clothes daily.Avoid wearing the same shoe daily.Constant ventilation of shoes.Maintain the same refreshingOral and soul hygiene is an integral part of cleanliness and preservation of the body. It is r

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ecommended for the following:Clean the teeth daily, especially after each meal.Clean the tongue and get rid of food residues.Using dental floss, as it is rid of food residue between the teeth.Using gargle solutions.Avoid eating garlic, onions and fish before going out.Avoid eating hard foods.Use of body odor improvement productsUse of anti-shaving.Scent the body before going out, especially the neck area and behind the ears.Using make -up, it gets rid of the face of the face.Put the ice powder with shoes when it is ventilated.Was the article useful?

How do I keep the smell of my body

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