How do I know my face skin type

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How do I know my face skin type – ” Contents1 skin type2 skin types3 How to determine skin type4 referencesSkin typeMany women are confused to know the quality of their skin, in order to choose appropriate care products from moisturizers, appropriate face wash or other cosmetics, because the wrong choice of what suits their skin can cause them to several problems: such as the appearance of Pimples, infections or dryness in the skin and body, this is certainly reflected in the beauty of the appearance of their external skin, and affects its radiance, youthfulness and healthy appearance in front of others, and can cause greater problems such as The appearance of wrinkles and first rich lines.Types of skinAs we know, the skin is divided into five main types, namely: mixed or complex skin, which combines dry and oily skin, dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and sensitive skin, and the quality of each skin can change with time and age, and each type depends on the amount of water and oil in the skin and the extent of its sensitivity, each skin has special qualities that distinguish it from the other, and the characteristics of each skin are:[1]Normal skinThis skin is characterized by natural and balanced nature, as it is

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neither very dry nor very oily, as it is characterized by: -There are no defects, even if you find few.Not sensitive.Its pores are small and are almost invisible.Fluid and fresh.Combination skinThese are the most common skin types among people, the skin has dry or ordinary in some areas and essential in other areas, because the fatty oils are distributed in the form of a T. For many skin care, it is also distinguished by that:-Its pores are large and open.Black heads appear.Very shiny.Dry skinIt often has scales, signs, redness in the skin and dryness, but it is free of shine of oils and fatty grains and they need permanent hydration, and it is characterized by:Its pores are invisible.The rough texture.Anonymous.In which red spots appear.It appears clear lines.Oily skinThis is the most skin of the skin that requires constant attention and is characterized by being oily (ie it is secreted by a lot of oils) and changes according to the change of time or separation of the year, and also characterized by:It usually has pills, pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.Always shiny, and this is due to an increase in the secretion of sebaceous glands.Its pores are large and clear.Sensit

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iveThis is the skin that shows certain signs, and there are several reasons that make it sensitive, including using inappropriate products, and the most important characteristic of it: -It always tends to dehydration.Its color is often red.It is much exposed to stories and irritation.It shows signs of sunburn.How to determine the skin typeIf you are confused to determine the quality of your skin even with the features we mentioned to each type previously, follow these steps:Wash your face thoroughly from makeup or oils with water and wash the right side, then gently dry it with a soft, clean towel.Leave your face for an hour without applying any cream or makeup on it.Stand in front of the mirror, then hold a soft, gentle tissue and press it across all areas of your face, such as the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.Toss the effects of these areas accurately onto the surface of the tissue, then you can determine your skin type based on the following results:If your skin type is oily, you will also find the effects of oily oils in the nose, forehead, brow and chin areas.If your skin is complex or blended, the effects of oil in the nose and forehead areas will be limited. As for the re

st of the areas, like the chin and cheeks, you will find it dry.If your skin type is dry, you will not find any effect of fat on your face. On the contrary, the tissues will be totally dry in exchange for a small white scale, indicating the drying of the skin and the peeling.But if your skin is normal type, the towels will remain completely clean, so you will never find any traces of grease or flakes on them.the reviewerWas the item useful?

How do I know my face skin type

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