How do I know my oily or dry skin

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How do I know my oily or dry skin – ” Contents1 skin2 skin types3 skin care4 tipsskinIt is the outer layer that covers the human body and its thickness varies from place to place in the body, and the skin or skin is one of the most important organs of the human body, as it is a protective shield for many diseases and external factors that can harm human health as it works to maintain a balance between the inside and outside of the body.Types of skinDry skin: It is known as the skin that contains small proportions of fat and is usually thin and many exfoliations, which leads to its roughness and stiffness, and we notice these problems in winter more than summer.Oily skin: this skin is shiny because of the fatty pores that cause the formation of pimples or what is called acne, and the distinction between oily and dry skin shows us their properties, making it easier for us to distinguish them.Ordinary skin: it is characterized by its softness, it is between dry and oily skin, so it is one of the least skin types.Sensitive skin: this skin tends to dehydration, which is inflammatory, irritable and red, as soon as cosmetics, perfumes or cleaning products are used.Complex skin: the name of this type is called the vehicle be

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cause it combines the properties of oily and dry skin where the forehead, nose and chin are more oily than the two sides of the face that are dry in nature, and the oily area is subject to pimples and blackheads because it takes the form of the letter T.Skin careDespite the basic rules used in skin care, each type of it requires special care that differs from other types.Among the most important methods of skin care:Clean the skin continuously, and it is best to use medium (lukewarm) water, as it helps the skin to perform its function properly.Pay attention to good nutrition, and it has been shown that the consumption of vegetables and fruits and taking care of water helps the skin to renew its freshness and vitality.Protect the skin from external effects, such as smoking, gas and chemicals found in many cosmetics and some types of perfumes, preferably to use natural materials to care for it.Using a sunscreen suitable for the skin type to protect it from harmful UV rays.TipsDue to the large number of skin problems, which are a problem that affects many girls, in particular, these are some of the recommended tips:It is recommended to use moisturizers, especially moisturizers, for pe

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ople with dry skin to increase their moisture and reduce dehydration and peeling, and it is best to also use moisturizing oils after bathing, as well as it is advisable to stay away from the soap that Contains aromatic and alcoholic materials to avoid increasing their dryness.Reducing foods that increase oily skin if the skin is oily like chocolate, nuts, etc., and it is recommended to use soap for oily skin exposed to acne to clean it.Stay away from scented skin cleansers in the case of sensitive skin, especially because it is subject to irritation and redness due to aromatic substances.Was the item helpful?

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How do I know my oily or dry skin

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