How do I know my skin tone

1 The importance of knowing the degree of skin tone

How do I know my skin tone – ” Contents1 The importance of knowing the degree of skin tone2 The reason for the different colors of our skin3 Skin colors4 How can I know my skin tone5 Tips for brightening the complexion6 referencesThe importance of knowing your skin toneKnowing the degree of complexion is important for anyone, because many issues facilitate it, such as determining the colors of clothing suitable for the skin, as it determines the color of the appropriate dye for the hair, as well as the appropriate cosmetics for each skin, And all these things are more important for women than for men, and to determine the color of the skin degree, there are many ways we will talk about. [1]The reason for the different colors of our skinIt is normal that the color of the skin differs from person to person, and what is determined is the percentage of melanin concentration, the more the concentration of melanin increases the darker the color of the skin and the opposite speaks whenever the concentration of this substance , and melanin is a protein made inside special cells of the skin layer which is one of the main layers of the skin. [2].Skin colorsThere are six degrees of skin color, and it is classified as fol

2 The reason for the different colors of our skin

lows: [3]The skin color very light, which is one of the most sensitive skin types, and often appears on this skin freckles, and the color of its owners is blonde or red, and despite the sensitivity of this skin, the direction of sunlight and ease of exposure to burns, but it is very difficult to turn into brown color.Light skin, but to a lesser extent than the previous skin, is similar to this skin and is often freckled, and it is easily exposed to sunburn, and it can turn into brown color but with great difficulty.Light skin, but to a medium degree, and this skin is affected by the sun, as it easily burns from sunlight, and it can gradually turn brown.Skin of “blow” average, and the color of its owners tends to brown, and this type of skin is somewhat sensitive to the direction of the sun, but does not get brown color easily as its color changes by sunlight.Olive skin that tends towards dark brown color, and its sensitivity is very few, as it rarely burns by sunlight, but it easily turns brown.The skin of a very dark color, which is the least sensitive skin of the sun, because it does not burn and does not change its color when exposed to the sun.How do I know the color of my skin

3 skin colors

toneThere is more than one way to know the degree of skin tone, and know that it is one of the important things to maintain a beautiful and elegant appearance, especially when choosing the colors of clothes, makeup, etc., as not knowing the degree of The color of the skin can lead to its appearance in a pale or pale way when it falls into the error of choosing clothes, makeup and jewelry and we talked about the shades of the complexion, some of which are light, some of which are medium, And there is also the brown skin, and these shades determine the color of the skin from the outside, That is, the color of the skin and is known as “tone”, but there is a color for the inner layer of the skin and is known as “Entrytone”, The skin in this regard is divided into two main parts, which are warm and cold, and it is easy for the warm skin to gain bronze, because it tends to yellow or orange, and this type of skin has brown skin, while The cold skin tends to blue or pink. [4] To help determine the true skin tone, the following ways can be used: [1]Looking at the wrist: looking at the wrist “”hand veins””, the blood vessels can be seen under the sun, if it is blue or purple in color, then

4 How do I know the color of my skin tone

the skin is cold, but if the color of the bloody consciousness is green, it means that the skin is warm. [1]Note how the sensitivity of the skin is the direction of the sun: when the skin is exposed to the sun, the extent of its sensitivity to the sun is noted.Using a white paper: it is also possible to use a white paper and place it next to the face in front of the mirror, and compare the color of the face with the paper. Its pink, blue or even red next to the white paper . [1]Using gold and silver: in this method, a foil is used from gold and another silver, then the gold paper plate is placed in front of the face. The skin is cold, but if there is no difference in the brightness of the Face when looking at the two papers, it means that the skin is neutral, and in the absence of aluminum foil, it can be replaced by gold or silver jewelry and its experience on the wrist and note that one of them makes the skin brighter. [1]Eye and hair color: the color of the eyes and hair has a role in determining the degree of the skin, and owners of cold skin have blue, gray or green eyes, and hair is blond, brown or black Incline to the blue color, while owners of warm skin mainly enjoy brown

eyes or eye color or al -assali with black, brown or red hair. [5]Know the color of clothing appropriate and better for the skin: by wearing certain colors of clothing, the degree of skin color can be determined, because the colors of fiery clothing such as red, yellow and green are suitable for warm skin, while The colors such as green, blue and pink are suitable for cold skin. [5]Tips for brightening the complexionThe skin is affected by many factors that lead to paleness and appearance in an overwhelming way, but some natural tips can preserve the skin and make it fresh and light and natural, and among these tips: [6]Eat more foods containing vitamin C, which is available in citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon and strawberry.Eat foods that contain vitamin A, such as eggs, milk and its derivatives.Avoid exposure to hot sun and stay in the atmosphere for a long time and use preparations for sun prevention.Say enough water per day so that the amount is not less than six or eight cups per day.Exercise on a daily basis.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I know my skin tone

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