How do I look naturally younger

1 Youth period

How do I look naturally younger – ” Contents1 period of youth2 ways to appear at a younger age3 general tips to appear younger4 video ways to look youngerYouth periodThe period of youth is one of the most frequent, beautiful and vital periods of human life, during which the person is at the peak of his health and well, and he tries to exploit all his time in what benefits him, but A person is exposed to several factors that affect his external appearance, so it looks older, and it should indicate until many women seek to preserve their beauty in their different periods of life to appear younger, and in this article we will present you Several stages in which I am younger.Ways to appear with a younger ageThe basics of applying makeupLearn the basics of applying makeup appropriate for age, as with age, the eyes appear two eyes faded It in black, red and blonde.Pay attention to the cleanliness of the eyebrows and their shape, and the use of an inhuman eyebrow pen to fill in the gaps.Use eyelashes, to look better, longer and to give the eyes more capacity.Use a foundation cream with the same degree of complexion, darker or lighter.Pay attention to the serenity of the skin and protect it from defects.Stay away from usin

2 Ways to appear with a younger age

g powder foundation, because it causes dryness, combines the folds of the skin and replace it with a liquid foundation.Use lipstick lighter than the lips, it is better to put a varnish on the lower lip to look completely.How to wear clothesStay away from tight clothes, because it increases the age, so the lady looks older.Reliance on bright colors that give a greater radiance and stay away from dark colors such as black, especially on occasion.Wear short and colorful scarves in modern colors.Wear short dresses, high themed shoes and carry a bag in your hand.Stay away from wearing pillars if the lady is fat, as it makes her catch and shorter.Choose harmonious and small accessories and avoid many of them.General tips to appear at a younger ageStop smoking, as it is considered harmful to health and accelerates the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, melasma and sagging skin.Drinking water every day, that is at least eight cups, as it plays an essential role in keeping the skin fresh, hydrating the body and ridding it of toxins.Commitment to a healthy and balanced diet, lots of vegetables and fruits and avoid eating unhealthy meals, high in carbohydrates and pro

3 general tips to appear at a younger age

teins, and avoid eating late night food.Commitment to exercise every day, such as walking for at least half an hour a day.Continue to moisturize the skin, take care of it and avoid the use of creams made from chemicals, as it damages the skin and affects it.Avoid direct exposure to the harmful sun, as it leads to dry skin.Get enough sleep.Ways of video to look youngerWatch the video to learn things that help you look younger:Was the article helpful?

4 video ways to look younger

How do I look naturally younger

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