How do I lose ten kilograms of weight

1 How to lose ten kilograms of weight

How do I lose ten kilograms of weight – “Contents1 How to lose ten kilograms of weight2 referencesHow to lose ten kilograms of weightHuman weight increases due to many factors that affect the burning of calories and storage of water in the body, and the most important of these factors are genetics, followed by poor regulation of eating habits and health, in addition to infection by certain diseases or taking certain drugs that cause an increase in weight. [1] [2]However, the weight can be reduced by following some basic steps and methods, which in turn can help to a healthy weight, which is at half a kilogram to a kilogram per week, that is, at a rate of about 4 kilograms per month, and is during the following: [1]A healthy dietPeople are advised to follow a healthy diet to return to the dietitian, because each person has a system that suits his weight, age and medical condition, and this system is divided into 3 main steps: [3]Eat protein, healthy fats and vegetablesIt is recommended to lose weight to choose a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients; It should contain a source of protein, a source of healthy fats, colorful vegetables and some carbohydrates with whole grains, such as:[3]Protein maintains health and mus

cle mass during the weight loss process, as studies have proven that in general, a man needs 56 to 91 grams of protein per day, while women need 46 to 75 grams of protein daily, preferably the protein sources of meat and fish and eggs and vegetable proteins.Green vegetables are considered one of the best types of vegetables that help to lose weight; As it contains a lot of nutrients, it can also be eaten in large quantities without increasing calories or carbohydrates high, but some types of vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and others are rich in complex carbohydrates, and therefore in these types of Vegetables It is best to allocate a specific portion to add to the dish.Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, olives and avocado are among the best options for long-term use and during weight loss.Eat plenty of fiberThe inclusion of fiber in the diet can help increase the feeling of satiety, because these fibers can not digest, and therefore can lead to weight loss, and the most important of these foods; Breakfast made from whole grains, pasta made from whole wheat, oats, barley and others. [4]Reduce the amount of repeated carbohydrates consumedOne of the most important wa

ys that can help reduce weight is to reduce the amount of high calorie sugars and carbohydrates consumed, replacing them with whole grains; As this can reduce the levels of hunger that a person feels, thus reducing the calories consumed, and works to curb appetite and reduce insulin levels, which leads to long-term weight loss. [3]workoutsThe previous diet reduces the calories that the body gets, which makes it burn stored calories, and in order to accelerate this without muscle infection by weakness, some types of exercises that strengthen muscles and burn fat, and although some of these sports come: [1] [3]]Daily walking; Which can be practiced in the street, club or even home, and it can start with simple steps, then it is accelerated and continuous for about half an hour.Cycling exercises; Which helps to dissolve body fat, especially the abdominal areas and buttocks, as it helps to strengthen the leg muscles, and it can be practiced in the club or at home by lying on the back and raising one of the knees Towards the chest, then lowering them in exchange for the other side as a case to drive the bike.Exercises of surname; It is important to increase the elasticity and activation

of the muscles of the neck, and it is preferable to perform these exercises before the rest of the other exercises because of their usefulness to accelerate the reach of blood to the brain, thus reducing the feeling of fatigue That accompanies the muscular effort.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I lose ten kilograms of weight

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