How do I maintain strong nails

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How do I maintain strong nails – ” Contents1 nails2 recipes for normal nail care3 nail care tips4 signs of nail problems5 Treating nail problemsNailsHealthy nails are among the ways that indicate the interest of women in their femininity and beauty, as it is always eager to pay attention to the beauty of their nails in various ways, pruning them and painting them in the colors of different Nails, but there are many women who are exposed to their nails to break; This is due to the use of chemicals, soap and water, and in this article we will present you how to maintain the nails.Recipes for normal nail careApple cider vinegar mixtureIngredients:1 and a half to tablespoon of olive oil.1 and a half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.Egg yolk.Method:Mix olive oil, apple apple with egg yolk, then put it in the refrigerator.Paint the nails daily with a small piece of cotton; This method results in crack-free nails.Sunflower oil mixtureingredients:Egg yolk.Half a tablespoon of sunflower oil.Method:Mix the egg yolk with sunflower oil until we get a homogeneous mixture.Apply the mixture on the nails and let it dry completely.We wash the hands with warm water.Mixture of garlic and vinegarIngredients:One clove of garlic.Half

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a tablespoon of vinegar.Half a tablespoon of lemon juice.Method:Mix the vinegar and lemon.Score the nails with garlic, then soak them in vinegar and lemon.We wash our hands immediately after finishing to get rid of the effects of the mixture.We repeat the recipe daily to get long nails in a short time.Nail care tipsUse the nail cooler correctlyDo not offend when using nails, using them as a tool to open things.Reduce nail biting.Keep nails dry and clean to reduce any bacterial or fungal infections.Constantly track nails.Reduce hanging nails to reduce tearing of living tissue.Do not wear shoes that can put pressure on the toes.Constantly moisturize the nails, using natural mixtures and creams.Do not expose it to soap and water; in order to protect it from cracking.Wear rubber gloves when using water.Trim the nails and refine them gently.Make sure you eat iron-rich foods and vitamins.Signs of nail problemsThe presence of yellowing in the nails.Separation of the nails from the nail bed.The presence of nails.The nails should be a vague white.The nails are twisted.Treating nail problemsThere are many natural substances that are used in the treatment and protection of nails, such as: to

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mato juice; It contains antioxidants in addition to the presence of a percentage of protein, sea salt, almond oil and coconut oil.Was the article useful?

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How do I maintain strong nails

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