How do I make a munkar remover

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How do I make a munkar remover – ” Contents1 male munic2 recipes to make a nail polish remover3 referencesNail polish removerMany women don’t like the use of strong nail paint or acetone, as it can be harsh on nails, just as chemical nail polish removers are not considered environmentally friendly, and so women resort to natural recipes to remove nail polish , To reduce the exposure of nails and fingers to chemicals, and the governorate on the strength of the nails, here are some natural recipes and economic recipes that help to remove nail polish. [1]Recipes to make a nail polish removerOne of the most important natural recipes for making the coating at home: [2]AlcoholAlcohol can be used to remove nail polish by putting some of it on a cotton ball and rubbing them with nails, and so the nail polish will come out, and because alcohol is a sterile substance, you will get a nail polish remover with a sterilized to Protect your nails from bacteria.VinegarVinegar can be used to remove nail polish in two ways, the first by rubbing vinegar directly on the nail with the help of cotton, and the second method is to make a vinegar solution, which consists of vinegar and lemon juice or orange juice, and after preparing this

2 Recipes for making a nail polish remover

solution , Soak the nails for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour, rub the nails that it is inside the solution to remove the paint, and the reason for using vinegar and acidic fruit is that the acid helps to dismantle the The paint layer of the nail, and this solution will help whiten the nail and remove the remaining stains. [3]Hot waterIt is considered one of the simplest recipes to remove nail polish, all that needs to be done is to boil a cup of water and soak the nails in boiling water, and leave them for ten minutes, then the nails are rubbed with cotton, But without exaggeration in rubbing, hot water makes the nail polish smoother and easier when you try to remove it, be very wary of water, so the heat of the water should be in the heat you can bear. [2]toothpasteToothpaste works as a wonderful nail polish remover, so all you have to do is put an amount of paste to earn and remove them with cotton, but do not let the paste dry where it will not be the same effectiveness. [2]The perfumeIf you have some of the perfume, do not throw it away, it will help you to remove the nail polish, because perfumes contain a little acetone that can be executed to remove the paint. [3]Spray

Sprinkle an amount of hair spray on a cotton ball and rub it with a nail to remove the paint, and it will only take you a few minutes, because it contains materials used in a commercial nail polish remover. [2]VarnishDo you know that you can use nail polish to remove nail polish, and all you have to do is to put a layer of nail polish on the old layer and rub it directly before drying. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I make a munkar remover

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