How do I make my body smell sweet

1 beautiful body odor

How do I make my body smell sweet – ” Contents1 beautiful body scent2 ways to perfume the body3 referencesBeautiful body odorWhen the body odor is beautiful and attractive, it feels the person with freshness and optimism, and makes him happy, lively and himself, as well as it gives a beautiful impression in others who sit at home or at work that he is interested in his cleanliness and elegant in his look, and in that one of the sages said:””.Some women may resort to the use of chemical perfumes with a fragrant and distinctive smell, but they often have high costs, and the sensitivity of the skin may cause some, so it is preferable to use natural substances that perform the same purpose without costing much or causing breathing or skin side effects. Below you will find a set of homemade recipes for naturally and healthy body. [1]Ways to perfume the body naturallyI wish you a set of natural recipes to give the body a distinctive scent: [2]Mix soap and musk: cut your favorite soap and mix it with a little musk, then massage the body with this mixture immediately after showering and leave it for minutes, then rinse with water only, it gives the body a distinctive and long-term fragrance.Fixing soap, oil and lemon: cut th

2 ways to normal to perfume the body

e soap and mix it with two tablespoons of almond oil and an equal amount of fresh lemon juice, then put the ingredients on low heat until it melts and overlaps well, and becomes creamy, then grease A simple amount of mixture on your skin completely to enjoy the softness and permanent scent.Rosemary: Prepare a bath of dry herb “Al -Huslaban” Rose, then soak two cups in half a liter of water for a quarter of an hour, then filter and add the liquid to the shower water to get a distinctive and attractive smell.Rose water: Put a little rose water on a clean cotton ball, then gently wipe it all over your skin, as it gives the body a refreshing smell, a super softness and a pink appearance. On soft, fragrant skin.Glycerin and white musk: mix equal amounts of white musk with glycerin and rose water, then sprinkle the mixture all over your body after bathing, leave it for minutes, then gently dry.Types of natural bathrooms help to scent the bodyWe mention two types of bathrooms that help to scent the body:[3]Scented bathroom herbs: collect various varieties of aromatic herbs such as lavender and rosemary, and put them in a piece of cloth, handkerchief or towel, then tie them tightly and put

them under the bath water in the bath very attractive to the body.Rose bath and coconut milk: Fill the shower bars with warm water, add half a cup of coconut milk and half a cup of rose water with a cup of municipal rose, then sit for fifteen minutes to scent and soften your skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I make my body smell sweet

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