How do I make my face bright and fresh

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How do I make my face bright and fresh – “Contents1 skin care2 natural blends for a bright face3 tips for a bright faceSkin careMany people, especially girls, want to have a bright and clear face and are free of all the defects that affect their appearance, and so some resort to the use of certain types of drugs and cosmetic materials that are widely available, but they often do not work , because they therefore contain chemicals, we will mention in this article a set of natural mixtures that will make the face shiny, along with a set of useful tips.Natural mixtures of a shiny faceTurmericTurmeric powder is used by applying a small amount in a bowl, adding a little mustard oil, mixing and for a quarter of an hour, until it dries, then wash the face with warm water, using this recipe several times during the week, to get an effective result in a short time.ChamomileChamomile is one of the natural herbs that treats many annoying problems that distort the appearance of the skin, as it contains a group of vitamins and minerals, and it can be used by placing a sufficient amount of chamomile inside two cups of boiling water, stirring, covering it and leaving it for at least half an hour, then filter out the impurities, then was

2 natural mixtures for a bright face

h the face with the resulting soaked, while it filters that skin and comb.Eggs and starchEggs and starch is one of the most important natural mixtures that play an effective role in making the face shiny and free of all blemishes, and it is used by applying an egg white in a large bowl, then whisk with a fork, adding two teaspoons of starch, mixing them, for homogeneity and putting the mixture on the affected areas, leave it for at least a third of an hour, then wash it with warm water, and this recipe can be used to peel the face.OatsOats is used by putting two teaspoons of ground oatmeal in a bowl, adding a small amount of water, stirring, to get a soft and consistent paste, putting the paste on a clean piece of cotton and apply it to the face, with a good massage for a minute using the fingertips, then wash the face with warm water, using this mixture once a day for two weeks.Note: These recipes may not be suitable for some skin types, such as sensitive skin, or whose owners complain of certain skin diseases, so it is best to consult a specialist before use.Tips for a shiny faceDrink plenty of water during the day, as the drinking water of all the impurities, dirt, germs and bac

3 tips for a bright face

teria accumulated in the skin, which causes many problems.Useful intake of fruits and vegetables.Continuously massage the face with natural materials.Get enough rest and sleep at night.Get away from extreme anxiety and tension.Was the article helpful?

How do I make my face bright and fresh

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