How do I make my face fat

1 How do I make my face fat

How do I make my face fat – ” Contents1 How to make my face fat2 Ways to fatten the faceHow to make my face fatterThe face can now be fattened and mobilized easily by resorting to the injection of filler or injecting the self-fat, but some people prefer to try some natural recipes and mixtures to experience the face, although they need more time and their results are not guaranteed to Everyone, so what are the natural methods that circulate among people to experience the face?Ways to fatten the faceFenugreekGrind a tablespoon of fenugreek and mix it in a small amount of water until a firm paste is obtained, then the paste is placed in the form of a mask on the cheeks and gently massaged the cheeks for a minute and then left on the cheeks for fifteen minutes, Then wash the face with warm water, and the recipe should be followed once a day, and it can be used fenugreek oil by applying it on the cheeks with continuous massage for half an hour, then leave it on the face for another half an hour then wash it with lukewarm water and repeat the process three times a day, fenugreek helps to get a shiny, healthy, soft and full skin because it contains antioxidants fighting the damage of free roots, it also contains vi

2 ways to fatten the face

tamins that make the faceglycerinMix an equal amount of glycerin and rose water, then the cheeks are rubbed with a mixture before going to bed and leave overnight, then wash the face when waking from sleep in warm water and continue the process every day once.PapayaMix papaya with a teaspoon of raw honey to form a paste, then apply to the cheeks and leave for ten minutes and wash the face after that with lukewarm water, or it is possible to add a teaspoon of honey with half a cup of warm water and drink. It looks fatter.Was the article useful?

How do I make my face fat

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