How do I make my nails long

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How do I make my nails long – ” Contents1 nail care2 natural recipes for strong and healthy nails3 tips for taking care of your nails4 causes of nail growth disorders5 cases of prescription to consult the doctor6 bags of nails7 referencesManicureWomen generally want to appear elegant and stylish, and this goal is not achieved unless they take care of themselves and their appearance, including their nails (English: Nails); Long and strong nails are more attractive, so we find that some of them are looking for ways to lengthen their nails, and people spread that it is possible to lengthen the nails and accelerate their growth; However, this is incorrect information; Leather doctor Bruce Robinson of Lenox Hill Hospital explained that he could not accelerate the growth of the nails; It increases with a fixed rate monthly; It is estimated with one millimeter. [1]Based on the previous truth, the acceleration of nail growth is not possible, but it can be strengthened; So that it is not fragile and decay if its length increases, and it is by ensuring strong ease and using natural recipes to massage the nails; Stay healthy and develop according to the normal growth rate without being broken or broken, and while a statem

2 Natural recipes for strong and healthy nails

ent of some of these recipes comes, and tips for nail care.Natural recipes for strong and healthy nailsSome believe that obtaining long and strong nails is very complex, but it is easy and simple, preparing natural home recipes; To strengthen the nails and make them more resistant to breakage, and one of the most important of these recipes is: [2]Olive oil: prepare a quantity of warm olive oil, rub it with nails, leave for 15 minutes, then wash the nails with warm water, and this recipe is repeated two to three times a day.Green tea: a cup of green tea is prepared with a few points of wheat germ oil, and one side is placed until it is cooled, then the nails are soaked for a period ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, and this recipe is repeated twice.Avocado: Mix a tablespoon of avocado with a little coconut oil.Oatmeal: A compound recipe is prepared from two tablespoons of oatmeal, with half a teaspoon of olive oil and another of honey with an appropriate amount of water, then the hands are perceived by this recipe for 10 to 15 minutes, then they wash with warm water, and this recipe is repeated once.Oil of zezel: It prepares a quantity of hot coconut oil and the nails are massaged for

3 tips for care for nails

a period ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, and this prescription is repeated before sleeping.Lemon: Mix an equal amount of lemon juice, pillar oil or castor oil, soak the nails with this mixture from 10 to 15 mines, and this recipe is repeated several times a week.Apple vinegar: mix an equal amount of water and apple vinegar in a bowl, soak the nails for 5 to 10 minutes, and this lane is repeated daily for several weeks; To notice the results.White vinegar: wash hands with soap and dry well. To save the smell of vinegar. [3]Tips for taking care of the nailsSome tips should be taken to take care of the health of the nails in particular, and both hands in general, and from the following tips:Eat biotin supplements: Biotin is a dietary supplement that is sold alone, and it can be sold as an element inside the formation of vitamins; To strengthen the hair, skin and nails, as the biotin supplements to brittle nails are improved; It makes it more powerful and less likely to break or crack, and despite its great benefit, it has not yet proven any information about its side effects, and therefore it should be taken according to the need of the body, and warning against Eating it randomly or ta

4 causes of nail growth disorders

king it with increased rusks only under the supervision of a specialized doctor.Use of moisturizers: moisturizers maintain the health of the nails, which will limit their failure; The nails need moisture constantly as the rest of the body, skin and hair, and this step is to apply a small amount of moisturizer suitable for the hands constantly, especially in winter that makes the skin dry as the nails, and leads to its breakage and cracking; Therefore, gloves are recommended in this chapter of the year [1] among the nails are the nails: Aloe vera, tea tree oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil and chea butter. [4]Nails timing: Cutting nails periodically maintain their health and strength, limiting their breakdown; It is also possible to pay attention to the edges of the nails with a handcuff, to appear more beautifully [5]Reduce the work of chamaille and moderation of nails: embellishment of nails with chamaille and nails regularly causes permanent problems for nails in the long term; It leads to its dryness and brittleness. [6]Avoid using nail polish (acetone): the nail polish remover causes its brittleness and then break it; Therefore, it is advisable to avoid its use. [6]Const

ant monitoring of the nails: This step consists of noticing the occurrence of any sign that may appear on the nails, because they indicate whether they seem to have health problems; As the American Academy of Gallery Diseases has indicated that the nails sometimes reflect the healthy state of a person, for example: if the color of the nails is white, it may indicate the existence of healthy problems at the time, and if their color is pink and white, it indicates the existence of diseases in the kidneys, and if it is yellow and thicker, it indicates the existence of diseases in the lung, but if the nails seem to be gone, it may indicate the existence of the disease of anemia (poverty of blood). [6]Avoid contact of nails with chemicals: it is advisable to avoid chemicals, especially when washing utensils and doing cleaning work at home; It makes the nails weak and shows them with unhealthy appearance; Therefore, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the house. [7]Put nail paint: Several preparations are available to take care of the nails, but you need to choose the type of strengthening attention of the paint to its surroundings of the nail nutrients; To get the requ

ired level of protection. [7]Lots of movement and exercise: this step helps to stimulate the blood cycle and increase its flow in the fingertips, which improves the growth of the nails, and there are simple exercises that stimulate the circular course working, such as: writing , printing, tennis and others. [7]Exposure to sunlight: it is known that the sun’s rays are an essential source of vitamin D, which helps the growth of nails and skin. [7]Eating healthy foods: food is of great importance to maintain the health of nails; Vitamins (A, C, D, E) are very necessary to improve their growth, as well as protein; Nails are mainly made up of protein, which is found in: poultry, fowl, eggs, eyebrows, beef, vegetables and nuts. [7]Causes of nail growth disordersThe rate of nail growth depends on several factors, as it is faster in the summer semester, as it depends on age; Nails are the fastest growth of the youth era, and gender also has a role in this; Nails are faster for men [8] and other reasons that affect the growth and authenticity of nails:Zinc deficiency. [9]SKRI disease. [9]Infection with diseases that cause high temperatures, such as: measles. [9]Exposing the nails to hot wat

er; It causes its dryness, then the peeling. [10]Biting the nails; This habit slows down the growth of the nails, causes bleeding and pain to the surroundings. [11]Using artificial nails. [10]Cases of consulting the doctorAfter identifying the causes of nail development strikes and the problems they affect, attention should be given in case of the following symptoms: [9]Pain, swelling or bleeding in the surrounding nails.Osteoporosis of the nails.Note that the shape or color of the nails is changed, such as showing a faded color or even any other color.Change in the thickness of the nails; like if it becomes thicker or softer.Literate nailsThere are a number of bags on the nails, and these facts are as follows:Nails are mainly made up of keratin substance; This is the steel protein, which is also the main component of hair. [8]The nails on the hands grow faster than the growth of both nails. [8]Children’s nails grow on average about 2.5 mm per month. [12]Women’s wives and older people suffer from more nail

How do I make my nails long

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