How do I make my nails white

1 yellowing nails

How do I make my nails white – ” Contents1 yellowed nails2 Nail whitening3 Use of nails4 Nail care tipsYellowing nailsThere are many problems that the individual can suffer if he neglected the health care with his nails, and perhaps the most common of these problems, which often indicates the presence of a disease or health problem, or as a result of women using nail polish Excessively, but this problem can be overcome by following a number of routes, we mention it successively in this article.Nail whiteningtoothpastePut a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush.Scrub your nails in a circular manner for one minute for each finger.Baking powderMix a tablespoon of baking powder, with the same amount of lemon juice.Rub your nails with the mixture and wash them after fifteen minutes have passed since the mixture was placed on them.Note: If you don’t have baking powder; replace it with baking powder or yeast.Lemon mixtureSoak lemon slices in a container of warm water.Put your fingers in the mixture for half an hour, and it is best to rub the nails with lemon immediately after a quarter of an hour since the lemon is placed on them.Salt and lemonMix a little salt with an appropriate amount of lemon juice.Gently rub

2 nail whitening

the nails, concentrate on the yellow areas of the nails and leave the mixture on for five minutes.Wash the nails with lukewarm water.Rose waterMix two tablespoons of rose water, with four tablespoons of lemon juice.Soak your nails in the mixture for fifteen minutes.Strengthening of the nailsThe beesMelt the wax fines.Mix an egg yolk with melted wax.Mix a few dots of the aromatic oil you have with the mixture.Rub your nails with the mixture and you will become stronger than before.BerriesMix a tablespoon of berries with an appropriate amount of warm water.Soak your nails in the mixture for fifteen minutes, then wash them with warm water and moisturize them with a hand moisturizer.Lemon and garlicIngredients:Lemon juice.Three cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped.One teaspoon of olive oil.Step:Mix the ingredients together.Soak your nails in the mixture for ten minutes.Keep applying the recipe daily and you will notice a good result a week after that.Nail care tipsMake sure you eat a diet of protein and zinc, where they increase the strength and durability of the nails.Wash your hands properly, wash them with soap and water for a few seconds, then dry them well, then moisturize them wi

3 Employment of nails

th Vaseline or olive oil.Don’t bite your nails, especially when you feel nervous, as this increases their exposure to fungal and bacterial infections.Was the article helpful?

4 nail care tips

How do I make my nails white

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