How do I make my skin bright

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How do I make my skin bright – ” Contents1 luminous skin2 factors affecting skin radiance3 How to make the skin glow4 referencesBrilliantGetting a shiny and ideal skin is something that every woman desires, but she may be exposed to many problems that make her skin dry, tired and devoid of freshness and radiance. The article will mention some ways to help restore vitality and make it shiny and beautiful. [1]Factors affecting skin radianceThere are many factors that affect the skin and make it fade and unreasonable, including:[1]Tension and psychological pressures.Frequent work.Lack of sleep.Not following a healthy and balanced diet.Air pollution.Harmful sunlight.Excessive smoking.How to make the skin shinyUseful foods to make the skin shinyThere are many types of foods that help nourish the skin, making it more shiny and beautiful, including:[2]Cooked tomatoes.Carrots.Sweet potato.Natto.Turmeric.Salmon.Papaya.Sweet yellow pepper.Safflower oil.Eggs.Avocado.Spinach.Green tea.Blueberry.Coconut water.Oats.Almonds.Bread made from whole wheat.WalnutFlax seeds.Dark chocolate.Oyster.Natural recipes to make the skin vibrant and brightThere are many recipes that can be prepared at home easily, and they are considered a na

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tural alternative to commercial cosmetics, and they greatly help to make the skin bright and beautiful, including:[1]Turmeric and chickpeas: turmeric contains cucurmin, which has antioxidant properties and infections. It also has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen, which makes the skin full of vitality and radiance. In addition to this, chickpea flour cleanses the skin and makes it pure and shiny. The method is:[1]ingredients:Half a tablespoon or a teaspoon of turmeric powder.Four tablespoons of chickpeas.An appropriate amount of milk or liquid water.How to prepare:Mix turmeric powder well with chickpeas.Add water or milk to the mixture and stir to a paste.The paste is placed on the face and neck and left for 15-20 minutes.Wash the face and neck with water.This recipe is repeated once or twice a week.Coconut oil: This recipe moisturizes dry and dull skin; Since coconut oil saves moisture inside the skin, as well as nourishes it with essential fatty acids, in addition, it helps to make the skin bright and beautiful because it contains phenolic compounds that help provide it with anti-oxidant properties. The method is: [1]Ingredients: virgin coconut oil.How to prepar

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e:Coconut oil is slightly heated, then placed on the skin and face.Gently massage the skin with oil in circular motions, while continuing to massage for a few minutes.The oil is left on the skin overnight.This recipe is repeated every day before going to bed.Note: A little sugar can be added to the coconut oil and used as a natural skin exfoliation once or twice a week.Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel is the best solution to treat many skin problems, as it nourishes and regenerates it and makes it shiny and supple with its effective therapeutic properties. The method is:[1]ingredients:One tablespoon of aloe vera gel.A pinch of turmeric powder.One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of milk.How to prepare:Mix the mentioned ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the face and neck and left for 20 minutes.The skin is washed with warm water and dried with a plate.This recipe is repeated twice a week.Baking soda: Baking soda exfoliates the skin, eliminates dead skin cells that accumulate there and equals the pH. In addition to this, it helps to soften the skin and treat any infections that the skin may be infected by it. The method is: [1]ingredients:One teaspoon of baking soda.One teaspoon of

virgin olive oil.Half a teaspoon of to prepare:The above ingredients are mixed well.Go the face and neck and dry, then put the mixture on it.Mix the skin with the mixture with circular motions.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes, then wash off with cold water.It moisturizes the face and neck as usual.This recipe is repeated once a week.General tips for luminous skinThere are some tips that should be followed to have bright and beautiful skin, including:[3]Remove makeup before going to bed from the skin, as the skin needs to breathe during the night, and makeup prevents this, as it causes its pores to close, leading to pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.Peel the skin once or twice a week, as peeling helps to get rid of dead skin cells accumulated on the skin.Apply sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15 before leaving the house, as the sun can cause wrinkles and spots and other skin problems.Eat more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C and protein and reduce foods high in fats, sugars, salts, hot spices and fried foods.Exercises such as running, jogging and yoga stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, which increases the vit

ality and radiance of the skin. It is recommended to put some toner on the face before starting exercises to close the skin pores and reduce oil secretion, and it is best to peel them off after finishing exercises.Get enough sleep, at least eight hours a night.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I make my skin bright

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