How do I make my skin white natural

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How do I make my skin white natural – “Contents1 beauty of the skin2 natural recipes for the skin3 natural skin peeling4 referencesBeauty of the skinBeauty is the most important priority for a woman, as she always seeks to be the most beautiful, applying several recipes, and in various forms to preserve this beauty, and the most important problems that stand in her way, the darkening of some areas of her body, and it does not have its beauty, as well as its undesirable color with it, she needs to reduce this problem and get rid of it in different ways, either industrially, such as laser, lightening needles or creams that exfoliates the skin, and the best follower of natural recipes, without chemicals, nutrients for the skin, gives them freshness and vitality, and works to whiten it, can be prepared easily and with components from inside the kitchen. [1]Natural recipes for the skinMany of us are looking for pure white skin. Here are some natural home recipes for white skin: [2]Milk: a piece of cloth is used well moistened with warm milk, and the skin is rubbed quietly with, until the milk is dried, then this process is returned about four times, then shower with warm water, daily , then for several weeks, then this meth

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od is applied twice a week.Tomato juice, oatmeal and milk: mix a teaspoon of milk, tomato juice and oatmeal, well, and put on the skin about twenty minutes, then wash with cold water and tomato juice can be replaced by lemon juice, as well as the Tomato juice can be used alone, where it is massaged the skin with a piece of cotton dipped in this juice, and when it is dry, it is washed with water.Egg whites: Mix an egg white, with a teaspoon of orange juice, then add a teaspoon of turmeric, and whisk well, and the mixture is placed on the skin with a massage, and when it dries wash it with warm water, then apply the skin with a moisturizer or with a little olive oil, to get rid of the dehydration that the eggs will cause.Strawberry: Mix a tablespoon of milk, with two strawberries and a tablespoon of castor oil, put on the skin about half an hour, then wash.Honey and milk: mix two tablespoons of milk, with a tablespoon of honey, and put the skin fifteen minutes, then wash with cold water and repeat daily.Lemon: Rub the skin with half a lemon, or with fresh lemon juice, leave for ten minutes, then wash with cold water.Natural skin peelingIt works to get rid of dead cells, and changes t

3 Natural skin peeling

hem with new cells, in order to get a skin studded by the light, and repeat it several times. The desired result can be achieved, as it can be repeated once every two weeks and a peeled The mixture can be made with some ingredients such as: olive oil and a little salt to be of coarse type, and the whole body is applied to this mixture, or to the places of bleaching. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I make my skin white natural

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