How do I make my voice soft and beautiful

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How do I make my voice soft and beautiful – “Contents1 soft sound2 causes of sound roughness3 ways to smooth the sound4 referencesSoft soundSoft and beautiful voice is a teacher of femininity, because the soft voice has a special effect on its listeners, especially men, so there is no advantage of a woman who gives it an elegant and beautiful appearance great attention, and neglects the aspects of internal femininity, including the sound, because the voice is one of the things that can be solved and treated in a natural and simple way, for every woman you want to be in complete femininity, but she suffers from the problem of The rough sound that causes her embarrassment, there are a set of ways to help you soften your voice, because the roughness of the voice in women is caused by a group of reasons. [1]Causes of sound roughnessOne of the most important reasons for human roughness in men: [2]Vocal cords resulting from unhealthy habits such as smoking in abundance.Vocal cords have low and fair arms, and these protrusions expose the result of using sound severely and excessively, and among the people who are drenched in these bumps, Muezzins, teachers, singers as well as street vendors.Sound cords with malignant fever or benig

2 causes of roughness of sound

n foods.An increase in hormonal activity due to certain medications, such as pregnancy drugs.Vocal cords exposed to germs, viruses and exotic bodies.Ways to reduce soundOne of the most important methods known to soften the sound: [3]Eat every day of a tablespoon of honey and anise mixture, they are effective for a soft and beautiful sound.Eat a cup of coffee added to a tablespoon of honey for sweetener and a teaspoon of butter.Drink a glass of tea or thyme sweetened with vegetable sugar for a month, and you will completely notice the roughness of your voice.Total sugar girls daily, it tastes good and is very useful for sound due to the many benefits.You need to eat boiled ginger with a teaspoon of lemon and a tablespoon of dry mint.Eat a mixture with anise added to boiling milk and make sure to drink this hot and daily.Put licorice powder, in your mouth, especially in the tongue and swallow the resulting saliva, it effectively treats the roughness of the sound, and you can use a part of the quince fruit with the same steps.Prepare a mixture of radish juice added to two tablespoons of honey and eat a tablespoon of it every day and on an empty stomach, and continue to eat this mixtur

3 Ways to smooth the sound

e until the roughness of the sound disappears.You should stop smoking if you are a smoker.Note: surgical operations, and the process is not in their literal concept, because it is a very thin perspective in the throat, and the vocal cords are injected with a specific hormone, works to soften the degree of sound, and every girl performs this The process refrains from speaking for a specific period of time and the disadvantages of this process that the doctor can not determine the degree of sound accurately.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How do I make my voice soft and beautiful

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