How do I moisturize my body after bathing

1 moisturizing the body

How do I moisturize my body after bathing – ” Contents1 hydration of the body2 natural recipes to moisturize the body after the bathHydrationThe female usually takes care of the smallest details that relate to her beauty and looking for her clothes, perfumes, hair and shoes to the most important thing, which is her personal hygiene, and among these details related to personal hygiene is the step of moisturizing The skin, especially after bathing in a way that includes all parts of the body; To also get a soft and shiny skin.In addition to moisturizing, this helps to prevent dry skin or cracking and darkening, skin care specialists put a group of herbal mixtures or natural recipes that are prepared at home, using simple and available substances, to be used for ultimate the body after the bath, the most important and best are the following.Natural recipes to moisturize the body after the bathIndian dates and olive oilthe ingredientsTen spoons of Indian dates on the ground or crushed.Six tablespoons of salt or sugar.Two spoons with soup of medical oil jelly.Four tablespoons of olive oil.Two tablespoons of lavender oil.A quantity of warm water, also equivalent to two to prepareMix the crushed Indian dates w

2 Natural recipes for moisturizing the body after bathing

ith sugar or salt well.Add the oils to the previous mixture, so that they include olive oil and lavender in addition to the previously specified Vaseline.Then mix the ingredients well and put them after mixing in a bowl or sealed box and leave them for three full nights.After the specified period, add the lemon juice and the amount of warm water.Spread the mixture on your body after taking a bath and leave it on your body for up to an hour, then wash your body with warm water.You will notice the softness and moisture of your skin from the second week, especially if you repeat the recipe three times a week.Rose water and coconut butterIngredientsOne cup of rose water.Two tablespoons of red seat cream.Two tablespoons of coconut to prepareMix all the ingredients together and put them in a box or bowl.Grease the mixture on your body after the bath and leave it for several minutes, until it dries completely.You will notice the smoothness of your skin, free of cracks and dryness treatment soon after its condition.GlyolideingredientsGlygolide cream is equivalent to a single can.A quantity of water, about cup.Two teaspoons of rose to prepareMix well the previous ingredie

nts.Stir the mixture well to become a homogeneous mixture.Finally, grease your body with the mixture once before going to bed every day.You will notice a change in the texture of your skin, so that you have a smoother skin.Was the article helpful?

How do I moisturize my body after bathing

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