How do I open my skin in a week

1 How do I open my skin in a week

How do I open my skin in a week – ” Contents1 How to open my skin in a week1.1 Mixture to brighten the skin in a week:1.2 Hanna white mixture1.3 Ingredients1.4 How to prepare it1.5 Turmeric mixture:1.6 Ingredients1.7 How to prepare it1.8 Rose water blend1.9 Ingredients1.10 How to prepareHow to open my skin in a weekThe skin is one of the important parts that must be taken care of with a continuous problem, especially the face, because the human face is a mirror and its toxicity for men and its beauty for women, from here we must preserve and take care of with the cleanliness and radiance of the skin. Young people and girls go to cosmetic salons in order to peel, brighten and sand for the skin, in order to get a light, beautiful and shiny skin.Skin lightening mixes in a week:Hanna White BlendIngredientsOne spoonful of white henna, one-fourth of a cup of rose water and one-fourth of a cup of sweet almond oil.How to prepare itThis is done by doing the process of mixing white henna with rose water and sweet almond oil well, then you should put it in places to lighten the body, an hour before you go to bed through a gentle massage in a circular manner, unlike The clock for ten minutes, then wash the area you massaged th

1.1 Mixes to lighten the skin in a week:

e mixture is well with water and shampoo, and this mixture is used day after day for a week.Turmeric mixture:IngredientsA quarter of a cup of crushed turmeric is good, and a quarter of a cup of rose water and a cup of milk powder.How to prepare itThis mixture consists of making a work by mixing turmeric, rose water and milk powder together, then putting the mixture in the places where you want to lighten the body and leave this mixture on the body for twenty minutes or when you see that the mixture has dried on the skin, then rub the mixture with your fingers, it falls off the skin, but gently, while turmeric opens the skin and rose water opens it and gives it a sweet smell and texture, then you wash the place With warm water and put a little cream to moisturize the place, this mixture uses four times a week.The mixture of rose water and originalIngredientsBlow as you wish and the amount for you and rose water of an appropriate amount and lemon juice.How to prepareMix all the previous ingredients together and the skin is applied to it every day in a pleasant way and for a quarter of an hour at night, then wash the area with warm water and use for three days and you will see the res

1.2 White Hanna mixture

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1.3 Ingredients

How do I open my skin in a week

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