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How do I put nail polish – ” Contents1 nail polish2 nail polish methodConnotation of nail polish color4 nail polish removal at home5 Video of nail polish and its effect on health6 referencesNail polishEvery girl has at least one nail polish in cosmetics, and in many cases it is used only for nail polish, but surprisingly it has many other uses that we probably have not heard, and some of us may not have time and money To go to the beauty specialists to get on the regular and beautiful nails, there are hundreds of tips to do so, and we will talk about it in this article.Method of nail polishThe correct nail polish helps to make them more beautiful and elegant, and the right way to deal with nails professionally. Which is: [1]Nail trim: cutting the nails with the appropriate length helps to achieve a more beautiful appearance and softens the edges with the help of the nail cooler, which prevents the nails from breaking quickly.Cleaning the nails: the nails should be free of old paint or any tingling, to facilitate the process of new nail polish, and they are beautifully, and it is advisable to wash hands with soap and water to remove dirt and excessive oils and the nails should be dried well to facilitate thei

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r pain.Choose a good quality nail polish: it is necessary to choose a good type to achieve a beautiful long appearance, and it should be noted that some of the chemicals in the nail polish, which are formaldehyde, toloin and bipolar, should avoid the material in the long run.Apply a base coat after completing the preparation of the nails: where a base coat is placed on it; To make the paint last longer and better respect the nails, it is recommended to use a good quality coat and put a thin layer with about three passes with brush of the base paint.Put the first layer of nail polish and let it dry: after placing the base coat on the nails, you can begin to apply the desired nail polish, where the nail brush is taken and reduces the paint to have enough nails to put a thin layer, And the nail polish is removed with three thin slices, one in the middle and two and two on both sides, let the nail polish dry for two minutes before applying the second layer.Put on the second layer and let it dry: after drying the first layer, the second layer of polish can be placed, using the same style with the first layer by pulling the paint with three clouds in the middle and two on the sides, lett

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ing the polish dry and moving to the third layer if the desire is a dark color and if the desire is a lighter color, the second layer should be the last layer.Placing the top coat: After finishing the required nail polish, a final coat of the polish is placed in the base coat, to protect the paint for a longer period of time and prevent it from spoiling easily, and this is by applying a thin coat as mentioned earlier after making sure the paint is dry.Cleaning nail tips: when nails paint, the tips of the nails and fingers will be stained with paint, which leads to a beautiful shape of the fingers and nails, but it is very easy to wipe the edge of the nails, By taking a piece of cotton and dipping it into the nail polish remover, and then gently rubbing to remove the excess around the nails, it looks elegant and beautiful.Store nail polish in a cool area: when nail polish is exposed to bright lights or heat, it may face changes in its thickness and color, so it is best to store it in a dark and cool area.Nail polish color signalNail polish is one of the things that can determine the personality of its status and status, and that is according to the color of the paint, in particular:

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Red nail polish: red nail polish is the color of love, passion and temptation, because this color can not be placed without anyone noticing, and the girl who prefers this color knows that she likes to be distinguished by her personality, and she sparkles , romantic and bright, she likes attention and rotation, and love is the main priority of her life.Nail polish burgundy: pergondant color paint is very similar real with time.Black nail polish: The color of black nail polish has a classic element, and the girl who chooses the color of black nail polish has a strong and bold personality, knows what you want, determines its goals and seeks to achieve, has a strong personality and is not afraid of the consequences, and black nail polish is best on short square or round nails.Pink Pink Ordin: The choice of pink nail polish girl indicates that she is sophisticated, confident, bold, has a missing appearance, and she loves to attract attention, and you know that pink nails attract the attention of everyone and have a positive and optimistic personality.Yellow nail polish: Yellow color is beautiful and wonderful, and girls who like yellow color have an optimistic, bright and sweet characte

r, and they also want to share their positive energy with others.Nail polish remover at homeThere are many ways to make a nail polish remover of quick and easy home recipes. Including:[2]LemonLemon is considered a natural ingredient used to remove nail polish, and lemon is used in nail plastic surgery by rubbing a piece of lemon on the nails and removing the nail polish. And his method is:ingredients:A bowl of warm water, soap.Lemon to prepare:Soak fingers in warm water and soap for 3-5 minutes.Use the lemon slice as an alternative to artificial nail polish remover.Use a moisturizer or nail oil to keep it moisturized.VinegarVinegar is an acidic component that removes nail polish and is available in the market. And its method is:ingredients:Warm water.A piece of cotton.A quantity of vinegar.A quantity of lemon to prepare:Soak the nails in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before removing the nails.Mix equal parts lemon juice and vinegar.Stir the mixture, soak the cotton ball, then wipe the nails.Hold the mixture for 10 to 20 seconds, as this will remove the nail.Use a moisturizer or nail oil to moisturize.AlcoholAlcohol is a good alternative for those who do not ha

ve lemon juice and vinegar to prepare homemade nail polish. Antibacterial properties. And its method is:ingredients:Warm water.A piece of cotton.A quantity of to prepare:Soak the nails for a little while in a bowl of warm water.Put the cotton ball in the alcohol and use it to remove the nail polish.Use a moisturizer after wiping off the paint.DeodorantAcetone is the only material for nail polish removers available in stores, and it is cruel to the skin, and it should be noted that the perspiration removers contain solvents that serve as a detangler. And its method is:ingredients:Cotton ball.Squat deodorant box.How to prepare:Make sure the spray is not sensitive.Click the nozzle away, sprinkle it on the nails.Immediately wipe off the remover with a cotton ball.HandicapTo remove paint from nails with hand sanitizer, the following can be followed:ingredients:A sterilized hand can.Cotton ball.How to prepare:Put a little handicapped hand on the nails, then rub it with a cotton ball immediately.Repeat the process until the paint is removed and it is advisable not to use much antiseptic.Wash your hands well as soon as it is done.Video of nail polish and its effect on healthWat

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How do I put nail polish

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