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1 Vaseline mode

How do I settled – ” Contents1 Vaseline mode2 nail placement3 lightening nail color4 nail placement of two colors5 quick drying nails6 Correcting mistakes7 tips for pay8 referencesVaseline modeVaseline is recommended around the nails before being sprinkled with anaps for easy cleaning, and a piece of cotton is used to apply Vaseline to the skin around the nails; In order to facilitate the process of cleaning the nails from the skin, it can be applied to the nail glue, leave it until it dries, then the nail polish, and remove it when the nails are dry. [1]ManicureStart putting the nails with a thin layer first and apply the nails with them, as this method helps not to stain the nails and hands, put the nails in a mattress and wait for the first layer to dry well, then put the second layer. [2]Lightening nail colorYou can start applying a layer of nails in white or transparent before placing the primary color, as it helps to increase the thickness of the nails and make the color bright. [3]Bonnien Nail PlacementNail polish can be placed in two different colors, applying a thin layer on the nails, leaving them until they are completely dry, then put a sticky tape on the ends so the nails appear in consi

2 Placement of nails

stent and arranged colors. [1]Drying nails quicklyThe drying time of nails can be accelerated by placing a cold hand under water after painting the nails or dipping the nails in a little ice water, this helps dry the nails faster,[3] hair stabilizing spray can be used on the nails to strengthen the top layer of the nails and keep it from coloring. [4]Rectify faultsNail stains around the nails can be removed, using a brush and a small nail polish remover, and the brush is passed around the nails, which makes the nails beautiful and attractive. [4]Tips for the salaryThere are some important things that need to be taken into account to become beautiful and tidy, including:[4]Using the nail cooler; This is to avoid breaking the nails and maintaining the nails.Avoid shaking the nail polish box, so that the bubbles do not form in the nails, because it also works to form bubbles during painting, and the box can be turned between the hands.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Lightening the color of the nails

4 Placement of the nails of two colors

How do I settled

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