How do I strengthen my nails?

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How do I strengthen my nails? – ” Contents1 nails2 natural recipes to strengthen nails3 tips to strengthen nails4 causes of weak nails and break them5 referencesNailsAttention to the nails is one of the most important aesthetic things that many women mean at the moment, because they are looking to get beautiful nails without pits or any other damage, because the nails are layers of protein known as keratin, grow from the base of the nail, and the nails grow the new are under the skin as a result of blood flow during the capillaries, and this also gives it pink, and the old cells are pushed through, so we do not feel pain when Cut our nails, and we will talk in this article more detailed than the nails and how to care for them. [1] [2]Natural recipes to strengthen the nailsOlive oilOlive oil is one of the excellent remedies for brittle nails, as it works for the damaged and they follow the nails, as it maintains the health and strength of the nails, and its method is: [3]Ingredients: a quantity of olive oil.How to prepare:Cover the top and bottom of the nails with olive oil.Rub the nails well with warm olive oil.Leave for 15 minutes on the nails, then wash it off with water.This method is repeated two or three tim

2 Natural recipes to strengthen nails

es a day.Green teaGreen tea contains many antioxidants that help to strengthen the nails and prevent their breakage, as it restores their freshness and relieves them of yellow, and its method is: [3]Ingredients: One cup of cold fermented green tea.How to prepare:The nails are soaked in the tea for 10 to 15 minutes.This method is repeated twice a week.Tea tree oilGreen tea oil cleans the nails and protects them from fungal infection, which is a cause of brittle and weak nails, because it helps to repair damaged nails, and the method is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of lukewarm water.A few drops of tea tree to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.The nails are soaked for three minutes in the mixture.This method is repeated several times a week.Otherwise:Ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil or a few drops of jojoba.Four or five drops of tea tree to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.The nails are massaged for this mixture for several minutes.Leave until it dries, then wash with warm water.This method is repeated once a week.Tips to strengthen the nailsThere are many tips that can be followed for strong nails, and the following includes:[4]Cut the nails regularly so t

3 tips for strengthening nails

hat the nails do not become too large and do not become rough or weak, and that the nails are cut with nail scissors, not using any other type of scissors.When the scales are removed from the base of the nails, they should be soaked in warm water for five minutes and a little oil can be added to the water, the scales are removed from the nail using the appropriate tool.Use oils or moisturizers to strengthen and moisturize the nails, especially after bathing and before going to bed at night, as olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil or many others can be used.Use nail toner to strengthen the consistency of the nails, and some toners are used on a weekly or monthly basis.Avoid frequent and continuous use of nail names; because this weakens the nails and avoids a lot of tools in the salon, as the nails can be exposed to bacteria.Leave the nails without being painted in their normal position sometimes, and allow the sun’s rays to nourish them, and so will grow without fear of breaking them.Avoid biting and biting the nails, and if they usually have to be removed quickly and try to put tea oil on the nails, its good taste will alert the person when you try to bite the nails and prevents it.

4 causes of weak nails and breaking them

Do not use hot water when you wash your hands, as it weakens the textures of the nails and makes them soft and fragile, and therefore break them easily, and instead use warm water and soap.Avoid using strong, harsh detergents when washing the vessel with moisturizing properties, such as castile soap.Fungus should be treated if the nails are yellow, brown and fungus, where a doctor should be seen to discuss the treatment plan, which includes a prescription or topical cream.Eat protein when it notices the weakness and fragility of the nails, because the nails, like the rest of the body, must be nourished considerably, such as eating eggs, meat and fish, as well as beans and legumes. Protein drinks can also be consumed, like adding protein to a cup of water or milk.Eat vitamins, especially vitamins D, H and A, as these vitamins make the nails strong, healthy and shiny.Make sure you eat balanced foods, as this stimulates the nails to grow and achieve healthy nails.Causes of weak and broken nailsNails are weakened as a result of several factors, represented by the following: [5]Nails are broken as a result of collision with something, or are divided and peeled as a result of aging.Nails

are weakened due to frequent use of nail polish.Frequent washing of dishes or constant swimming weakens nails over time.Some of the problems of the thyroid gland cause brittle nails, such as thyroid insufficiency, in which the production of thyroid hormone is below the normal rate.The low amount of hemoglobin in the blood, due to the small number of red blood cells and therefore anemia, and this in turn weakens the nails and causes them to break.Dermatitis, such as the appearance of eczema causes and breaks the nails.Some nail fungi, such as Trichophyten Rubrum cause nails and their fragility.Note: The consumption of biotin supplements can be useful (in English: biotin), in case of brittleness and breakage, in addition to using moisturizers after soaking the nails in water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I strengthen my nails?

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