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How do I take care of my nails – ” Contents1 nails2 Nail problems3 How to treat and maintain4 referencesNailsNail care is an important part of maintaining the health and beauty of the hands; And because the nails come from the sensitive parts of the body, they require special care to also appear in an attractive and healthy appearance, and the nails are healthy nails in a pink color, but in case of white spots on the nails, they indicate that there is a problem in the nails, and the color of the nails can turn yellow due to age or the presence of infections and the reason may be due to the use of certain types of drugs and to Avoid all these problems, the nails must be taken care of properly, and that is what we will explain in this article. [1]ProblemsThere are many problems that can affect the nails, the most important of which are: [2]The color of the nail has completely changed, or the appearance of a dark line underneath.The shape of the nails has changed so that zigzags appear in them.Increased thickness of the nails, or on the contrary, it may become very thin.The separation of the nail from the surrounding area.Blood around the nail.Swelling of the area around the nail and may be accompanied by pain.How to

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treat and maintain careTo take care of the following health habits:Keep the nails clean and keep it dry to prevent the growth of bacteria in the area under the nail. [2]Avoid the use of abundant water to avoid weakening the nails. [2]Drinking water in sufficient quantities, because the lack of fluid in the body weakens the nails and makes it more likely to break. [1]Cut the nails properly and continuously. [1]Do not use nail polish continuously. [1]Hands and feet moisturizing with nails continuously, especially after the use of water, because keep the softness of the nails by moisturizing, it prevents their breakage. [1]Eating healthy foods that contains vitamins and nutrients important for the health of the body, such as fruits, vegetables and fish of all kinds. [1]Use mixed blends of natural materials to maintain nail strength. [1]Wear gloves when using chemicals, especially for women who do homework, or women who work in beauty centers and use chromosomes and chemical preparations. [1]Stay away from methods that destroy nails, such as using nail gluing materials at home or in beauty centers, as well as building nails that lead to nail breakage. [1]Do not bite the nails with tee

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th; Because this weakens its growth and makes it irregular. [1]Eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk, derivatives, eggs and natural juices. [1]Use a clear nail polish because it strengthens the nails and use a sharp stick to clean them from dirt. [1]Eat nutritional supplements that strengthen nails and hair and are available in pharmacies and do not require a prescription. Among the most important of these supplements biotin; Because it helps strengthen the nails, especially if they are weak and fragile. [1] [2]Do not open cans or hard metal covers with nails. [1]Use a nail polish remover without acetone; Because this substance dries the nails and avoids using oil nail polish remover because it does not provide the necessary hydration for the nails, and for this, it is possible to use the special foam to remove nails; This is one of the best materials that remove nail polish, where the nail is placed after another in the refreshment box, and then the finger is wrapped in both directions to the right and left to get rid of the nail polish. [1]Nail care in home mixesSea salt: sea salt is used to strengthen the nails, and it is by placing a little in a bowl that contains warm water,

and then the fingers are placed in the bowl, and this method is repeated several times a week to get a quick result. [3]Flaxseeds: these seeds contain many nutrients, such as the vitamin B group, as well as magnesium, lecithin, zinc, protein and potassium. Several minutes before bedtime, then wearing the claws to keep the nails moisturized, and two tablespoons of flaxseed can be added to food and juice to benefit. [4]Olive oil: It is one of the most important natural materials to treat many health problems, in addition to that, it strengthens the nails, and to use olive oil, it is necessary to add two tablespoons with two tablespoons of honey, add a white egg, and then mix the materials and put the nails for ten minutes and then wash the hands. [3]Vitamin E oil: vitamin E has moisturizing properties that keep nails moisturized as they give them the required strength, then they can be used by getting vitamin E capsules available in drugstores, then open a capsule to get the oil inside, then put the oil . On the nails and you mascula gently for several minutes, and the process is repeated daily this vitamin. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How do I take care of my nails

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